SolarWinds Mail Assure: May 27th Features and Update Release

What’s new this week:

Admin level custom filtering rules

It’s now possible to create filtering rules at admin level (that apply to all domains linked to that admin, including indirectly). To do this, simply use the “Admin Rules” tab and select the appropriate admin when creating the rule.

Admins also have a new “Inherited Rules” tab, where they can see (but not edit) rules that have been created by higher level admins. Domain-level users are able to see, but not edit, the rules that are applied to their mail (on the “Admin Rules” tab). If a domain-level user opts out of using the default rules, they are opted out of using the admin rules as well.

LDAP authentication using remote username

If you have configured the LDAP mailbox sync to sync the (remote) username associated with the mailbox, then this can now be used when authenticating against an LDAP server. This is useful when your usernames and email addresses do not necessarily match, e.g. the username may be jsnow but the email address is Authentication will first be attempted using the mailbox entered on the log in page, and if authentication fails, then if there is a remote username set for the mailbox, authentication will be attempted using that.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed inconsistencies when using both the deprecated and current quarantine page (MMA-1255)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue with retrying delivery on all outgoing messages matching a search (MMA-1327)
  • Changed: the links to the deprecated queue & quarantine pages have been removed from the queue & quarantine pages (b3ba5f44c9).
  • Changed: it is no longer possible to add a mailbox alias that has the same name as a mailbox (MMA-1298)
  • Improved: the username from the LDAP mailbox sync can be used (rather than the email address) when authenticating against an LDAP server (MMA-193)
  • Improved: custom filtering rules may now be applied at the admin level (MMA-535)
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