SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with new Windows GA Agent including Patch Management Updates

We’re pleased to let you know we’re rolling this week’s RMM release out , with anticipated enhancements to our Patch Management feature.  The release will become available in the different regions over the coming days. Please update your devices at your convenience to take advantage of the recent updates and enhancements.

Summary for Service Release
– Updates to Patch Management
– Windows Agent 10.8.6 GA, 10.8.7 RC

Agent 10.8.6 (Please note: This Agent contains major enhancements to the Patch Management feature)

This version reduces many errors associated with patching, improves the patch scan time and its reporting to the dashboard. Here are some of the fixes in this release:

  • Fix for vulnerability scan failures
  •  Reduced resource consumption when scanning or installing patches
  • Faster patch detection scan
  • Hardened installation procedure
  • Site concentrator fixes (feature upgrades)
  • Preserving locale upon update of some third-party patches

Please note: The following older operating systems are not supported by the Patch Management engine in Agent 10.8.6: Windows 7 Pre-SP1, Windows Vista, and Server 2008 Pre-R2.

Windows Agent 10.8.6 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.7.13.

Agent 10.8.7 RC
UPDATE: New ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.10 used by Automation Manager and out-of-the-box tasks
UPDATE: Update to Kaspersky in the Antivirus Update Check so it determines installed server version
BUGFIX: Resolved issue for Veeam Backup Check so it only fails for the relevant error event

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