SolarWinds Mail Assure: February 25th Features and Update Release


Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: Email Scout Report welcome emails and lock notifications would show incorrect link under some conditions (MMA-856) 
  • Resolved: adding a domain no longer adds postmaster and abuse mailboxes by default (84695793ec) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: removing a mailbox level Protection Report would add the mailbox to the mailboxes overview list (MMA-895) 
  • Resolved: automatic Email Scout Reports now properly use the time zone setting (MMA-234) 
  • Resolved: transferring domains containing non-ASCII characters between admins would sometimes fail (MMA-841) 
  • Resolved: sometimes the domain level dashboard would show products that were not enabled for the domain (MMA-799) 
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