SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Web Protection Updates

We’re pleased to let you know we’re rolling this week’s RMM release out, with a set of improvements for the Web Protection feature. In addition there are some Managed Antivirus bug fixes, together with a set of translation updates requested by customers.

Here are the full release notes for this week’s release…

Summary for Service Release
– Updates to Web Protection, Managed Antivirus
– RMM Console v2019.02.12
– No Agent change

RMM Console v2019.02.12
UPDATE: Web Protection: Introduced main abstraction; improved packet handling for file upload/download
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus Introduces Bitdefender’s new Managed Antivirus Endpoint Redline Service allowing the ability to apply hotfixes
BUGFIX: Bitdefender Managed Antivirus – Addressed performance issue by adjusting the Archive Depth level of a scan to 3
BUGFIX: Bitdefender Managed Antivirus – The inability to access the cloud services component through a proxy has been resolved
BUGFIX: Web Protection: Log an amount of worker threads
BUGFIX: Web Protection: Make helper classes non-static, use instances
BUGFIX: Web Protection: SNI: reduce number of exception while waiting of ‘SSL client hello’ message
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Ensure no html code appears on the Block Page
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Agent logs – ensure correct hosts are shown in packet debugging logs for incoming packets
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: resolve speed issue when opening websites with blocking all policy settings
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Ensure internal application WL works
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Ensure no part of sites are still blocked after decreasing reputation range in the policy
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Characters with diacritical marks are shown correctly in notification window
BUGFIX: Web Protection Agent: Part of sites are not blocked after changing policy settings
BUGFIX: Web Protection: Ensure bandwidth alert is generated
BUGFIX: Web Protection: Sending traffic reporting no longer finishes with server error
BUGFIX: Managed Antivirus Threat Report update to print option to not cut off trace names
BUGFIX: Resolve text overlap issue on the Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History report
BUGFIX: Translation update to the Server Monthly report to address grammar issue
BUGFIX: German translation update to the Asset Tracking edit feature
BUGFIX: Portuguese translation update to Automated Tasks ‘stopped’ status
BUGFIX: Backup & Recovery fix to the backup schedule to ensure backups adhere to schedule without running an additional backup in certain cases

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