SolarWinds Mail Assure: December 17th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:  

Refreshed Navigation and Default Dashboard organization 

The left-hand navigation pane has been refreshed in this update, with pages now grouped more logically so that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Some items have also been renamed so that it’s clearer when you’d want to use the page (see the New Navigation/Dashboard Feature Mapping). 

The default dashboard has also been correspondingly updated. In addition, pages that are seldom used are no longer in the dashboard link groups (you can still get to them via the left-hand navigation pane). If you’re using a custom dashboard, nothing will have changed, and you can still customize the dashboard to include any of the additional links if you wish or reset to the new default. The items available in the default dashboard also differ at admin, domain, and email-user level, to reflect the actions that each of those users tend to most often do. 

Archived Mailboxes management moved to Mailboxes overview 

As enabling or disabling of email archiving is fully supported via the “Mailboxes overview“ page, the separate “Archived Mailboxes” page has been removed. 

Archive Usage scheduled to go out of preview 

The “Archive usage” page will become available to all users (that have archiving), not only ones with “features preview” enabled, as of the next update (for this release it is an announcement only). 

Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: Fixed error that could occur expiring the quarantine (#466) 
  • Resolved: Fixed error that could occur when releasing & training messages (#400) 
  • Resolved: Fixed a problem that would prevent removing an admin in some situations (#458) 
  • Resolved: Email Scout Reports would sometimes use a non-branded hostname (#510) 
  • Changed: Messages over 100MB will no longer be quarantined (#266) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: Using the “login as” functionality now works correctly when the domain or email user is mixed case (#467) 
  • Improved: More logical navigation and default dashboard items (#53) 
  • Improved: Minor improvements to the LDAP Sync preview page (#523, #515) 

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Marilena Levy is Product Marketing Manager at N-able, in charge of the Spam Experts email security go-to-market strategy, for the web-hosting companies and ISPs/Telcos. Marilena loves traveling, and when at home, she enjoys house decorating, literature and movies.
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