SolarWinds Take Control: Coming Soon: User Idle timer detection

As part of our ongoing committment to improving SolarWinds Take Control, we’re delighed to introduce the next series of enhancements for SolarWinds Take Control – Version 6.90.90. 

In this version, we’ve added a new feature – End User Idle Timers. This represents the addition of another of our highly requested feature enhancements; what this means is that you can now use Take Control to understand if a system is in use – prior to commencing a remote access session. Moreover, this action will be available in both the administration area and the console.

All the details…

From the admin area, by navigating to your devices menu, you’ll see a new, sortable, column “Last Activity”.
The purpose of this is to reveal, where possible, when we know a system to last have been in use:

What this means is that, before you start an unattended session, you can confirm if the system is already in use, thereby minimising your impact to the end user.

Equally, in the console, the “Last Activity” is available, surfacing the last time the remote machine was used:

Now, when you’re initiating a remote session, regardless of how you wish to start your unattended sessions, you’ll have visibility into the activity of a system.

In addition to this enhancement, we’ve also added another sought after request: the Ability to join an existing running session directly from the administration area:


With this Feature, it means that as a session is underway, from the Administration area, if you need to join a session to offer assistance, or otherwise assume ownership, you can now achieve this with the click of a button.

Summary of release:

Administration Area
FEATURE: Added support for Last activity telemetry
FEATURE: Added support for running session joining

Windows Console: 6.90.09
FEATURE: Added support for Last activity telemetry
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with fonts foler not being available in File Transfer Window
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with copying large clipboard data from Excel

Windows Agent: 6.90.09
FEATURE: Added support for Last activity telemetry
ENHANCEMENT: Additionional Security measures added


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