SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Windows Agent & Mac Agent Updates

We’re pleased to let you know this week’s RMM release includes two Agent updates: We’re promoting Windows Agent 10.7.10 to be the new GA Agent, and we’re also updating the Mac GA Agent to v3.0.3 with an improvement to the Agent install process.

The release is currently live in the Asia Pacific region and in Europe, with the rest of the territories due to follow shortly.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…. 

Summary for Service Release
– Mac Agent update, Windows Agent update, customer bug fixes
– Dashboard v2018.09.10
– New Windows GA Agent v10.7.10, new Windows RC Agent v10.7.11, new Mac GA Agent v3.0.3

Dashboard v2018.09.10
UPDATE: Record when an Automated Task is run manually in the User Audit Report
BUGFIX: Resolve issue causing multiple daily safety check emails to be sent for the same Outage
BUGFIX: Address an issue in MSP Anywhere Take Control for Macs where first keyed character on a locked screen wasn’t rendered (Mac Viewer v5.99.05)
BUGFIX: Solve an issue for MSP Anywhere Take Control that could cause a crash when copy / pasting files on Macs (Mac Viewer v5.99.05)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue related to ESET AV in the competitive removal tool for Managed Antivirus Bitdefender

Mac Agent v3.0.3 GA
BUGFIX: Resolve agent issue affecting Mac device installs

Windows Agent v10.7.11 Release Candidate
UPDATE: Improved supportability and logging for the Active Discovery feature

Windows Agent v10.7.10 GA
Windows Agent 10.7.10 includes all the updates since the current product Agent for Windows 10.7.7:

Windows Agent v10.7.10 (29th August 2018)
UPDATE: Adding support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus v11 to the Antivirus Update Check

Windows RC Agent v10.7.9
BUGFIX: Update to Trend AntiVirus in the Antivirus Update Check to handle the situation where the endpoint receives the latest definitions update prior to the publication of the update on the Trend website so it will correctly pass

BUGFIX: Additional Trend Antivirus update to improve accuracy of error message so that “Unable to get product version” is only displayed when this is indeed the issue

Windows RC Agent v10.7.8
BUGFIX: Resolve a Patch Management unexpected reboot issue


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