SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Mac Agent v3.0.2 GA

Today we’re excited to promote Agent 3.0.2 for Mac to GA.  This release is a culmination of a number of Mac features and enhancements that continue the path of bringing Mac devices up to par with Windows computers.

Here’s a list of all the Mac features provided by the new GA Agent:

  • Apply and run Automated Tasks on Macs. Pick from the pre-defined list or import your own custom scripts. Here’s the list of Tasks for Mac:

– Repair file system permissions on installed packages
– Perform extended memory testing
– Repair volume structure of secondary disks
– Backup then purge cache files
– Purge font caches and restart font daemon
– Run Managed Patch

  • Use the special “Run Managed Patch” task to perform patch management on Macs. This greatly automates Mac patching, especially for a Windows-first partner. Managed Patch for Macs offers the following features:

– All patches are validated and tested by the in-house Mac team before release
– Install the vetted production patches or apply pre-test patches straight away
– Patches include third-party titles as well as Apple OS updates
– The full list of titles and real-time approval status in shown in the RMM help file

  • There’s an option for Mac tasks to wait for the user to be logged off before executing: Tasks will queue and wait for the user to log off, then execute.  This is also available for user-defined custom scripts.

mac tasks 2

  • At log out, a new progress dialog displays task status.  It allows users to cancel the tasks, and also prevents them from logging in without cancelling.

mac tasks 1

  • While logged in, users are provided with notifications in the macOS Notification Center when tasks start and finish.mac tasks 3
  • All the notification center dialogs, the loginwindow status, and the Agent itself can now be custom branded. If your RMM instance is currently branded, then the branding is applied automatically.  Higher resolution images can be uploaded for Retina displays.
  • Task output and activity is captured in the Automated Tasks report in RMM, the same as Windows tasks.
  • Monitoring templates are now OS specific.  You can create a Mac template from scratch or by right clicking a Mac and creating the template from it.  Mac templates can be applied to clients or sites and will only apply to Macs therein.

mac tasks 4

  • The Mac agent can now be deployed with a Remote Worker Site Installation package so installs can be done silently and without passing login credentials.

Together, these important updates remove the need for the second “Mac-MSP” dashboard. Now you can perform all the actions that used to be available in the Mac-MSP add-on dashboard directly in the main RMM user interface.  The Mac-MSP dashboards will be permanently shut down this month.

The release is currently rolling out across the territories and is expected to be available to all customers by end of the week. We encourage you to adopt the new Mac GA Agent at your early convenience, and very much hope this latest set of enhancements helps you manage your customers’ Mac devices more proactively and efficiently, as we continue to narrow the gap between Mac and Windows devices.


Summary for Service Release
– New Mac GA Agent
– Dashboard Version 2018.09.03
– New Mac GA Agent v3.0.2

Dashboard v2018.09.03
FEATURE: Mac enhancements based on Mac Agent 3.0.2 (see below)
UPDATE: Update to RMM favicon
UPDATE: New graphic on Device Filters page when there are no filters
BUGFIX: Update to the list_performance_monitoring API call to solve “An unexpected error occurred.” return

Mac Agent 3.0.2 GA
Mac Agent 3.0.2 includes all the updates since the current product Agent for Mac v2.3.2:

Mac Agent v3.0.2 RC
UPDATE: Monitoring templates now support Mac devices for adding checks and tasks
UPDATE: Support for OS X 10.8 and 10.9
UPDATE: Agent branding now allows ‘Retina’ resolution images
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue when “invalid client/site combination” occurs at registration
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue which can cause Agent crash

Mac Agent v3.0.1 (Release Candidate)
FEATURE: Agent now displays custom branding assets

FEATURE: Includes new high-res branding for Mac Agents
FEATURE: Introduce new command line options to control active automated tasks
FEATURE: New ‘sync’ command line command for synchronizing configuration
FEATURE: Support for Patch install status in Automated Task Reports
UPDATE: Increase Agent directory security
UPDATE: Improve collecting debug info from the Agent
UPDATE: Improve stability of UI
UPDATE: Improve auto-update process
UPDATE: Improve Agent installer
BUGFIX: Issue with failing ‘scan’ command line command
BUGFIX: Agent can’t be registered after ‘unregister’ console command
BUGFIX: Agent is restarting sometimes when maintenance mode is activated
BUGFIX: Serial Number isn’t shown for device
BUGFIX: Resolves an installation bug of the latest MSP Anywhere version

Mac Agent v3.0 (Release Candidate)
FEATURE: Task Display showing task status over loginwindow with option to cancel running tasks

FEATURE: macOS Notification Center shows background activity when user is logged in
FEATURE: Automated Task to repair file system permissions on installed packages
FEATURE: Automated Task to perform extended memory testing
FEATURE: Automated Task to run Managed Patch for Mac
FEATURE: Automated Task to repair volume structure of secondary disks
FEATURE: Automated Task to backup then purge cache files
FEATURE: Automated Task to purge font caches and restart font daemon
UPDATE: Requires OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’ and above
UPDATE: Removes Mac-MSP agent
UPDATE: Logs moved to /Library/Logs and ~/Library/Logs
UPDATE: Added ‘loglevel’ key in agentconfig.xml and pak.xml to set the log level
UPDATE: Read permissions removed for non-root on some rmmagent directory contents

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