SolarWinds RMM: Bitdefender Engine Upgrade (RC) for Managed Antivirus

We’re very pleased to let you know that Release Candidate (RC) testing of the Bitdefender v6 engine is now available for the SolarWinds RMM’s Managed Antivirus (MAV) feature. During this RC period, you can test the upgrade from Bitdefender’s GravityZone v5 engine to the v6 engine. This is considered a product “upgrade”, meaning a reboot is expected in this process. Please ensure your Managed Antivirus Bitdefender devices are up to date before beginning the RC.

Getting Started:

A few things to note:

  • No policy settings have changed with the v6 RC. This RC is designed to simply test the upgrade process and ensure that v6 behaves accordingly.
  • A reboot is required in this process. Please ensure you upgrade the device at a time that allows for a reboot.
  • This RC is only for devices already using MAV BD v5. Brand new installs of Managed Antivirus v6 will not be supported until GA period.
  • MAV-BD agent versions must be at 38.5.09 before the upgrade is allowed


Here’s how to test the new v6 engine:

  • A new option will be shown in the right-click menu for Managed Antivirus. Select the option to “Enable Bitdefender v6”. This will start the process of upgrading v5 to v6. Please read through the rest of the document to ensure your settings are configured as desired.

mav v6 1

Handling Reboots

  • Reboots can be automatically enabled for the upgrade process by selecting an option in the MAV policy. Automatic reboots occur within 5 minutes of taking the update. Please ensure this option is disabled if you do not want your end user machine to automatically reboot.

mav v6 2

mav v6 3

MAV upgrades can also be scheduled off hours or on weekends within the “General” tab of the MAV policy. Please refer to RMM’s help file for more detail on this feature.

mav v6 4

mav v6 5

MAV Windows Service Check changes upon upgrade

The Windows Service checks, displayed in the South Pane under the “Checks” tab, will change when the devices upgrades from v5 to v6. MAV-BD v5 has 5 services, while MAV-BD v6 has 4 services. The 4 services that are tied to v5 will fail the checks during the upgrade process until the machine is fully upgraded to the v6 version. The reboot process during the upgrade should resolve this.

Example Windows Service Checks for MAV-BD v5:

mav v6 6

Example Windows Service Checks for MAV-BD v6:

mav v6 7

Determining the version on a device:

  • The version of the MAV agent, as well as the MAV engine version, can be seen in 2 places – by looking at the Managed Antivirus Check (Bitdefender), or by running the Managed Antivirus Protection Report.
  1. To see the version of the agent within the MAV check, navigate to the South Pane of the device and find the Managed Antivirus Check – Bitdefender and select the “More Information” link.

mav v6 8

2. Run the Managed Antivirus Protection Report under Reports > Managed Antivirus >   Antivirus Protection Report. Ensure that the Agent Version and Engine Version columns are selected from the Column drop down, to easily see versions across the install base.

mav v6 9

We’re excited to bring you this important Bitdefender engine update, and we encourage you to try it out during this RC period on test devices and to share any feedback you have with us.

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