SolarWinds RMM: July 3rd Features and Updates Release with CSV Export of North Pane

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve started the roll-out of this week’s SolarWinds RMM release to the first set of territories. In this update we’re adding the ability for you to export the data for north pane custom views to CSV, along with the option to run the Check Clearing Report and the Managed Antivirus Quarantine and Protection Reports in the background, to help with large reports as they may take some time to generate.

We’re also excited to announce that later in the week we’re planning to turn on the Release Candidate (RC) for upgrading Managed Antivirus to Bitdefender ‘GravityZone’ v6 from the current v5 engine. During the RC period you’ll be able to switch to the new engine on a device-by-device basis, so you can start to test the updated Managed Antivirus feature. We’ll be sharing more details on this in an upcoming post.

We’ll also be releasing a new Windows RC Agent with an update for Patch Management, again more details to follow soon.

CSV Export for the North Pane

For north pane device views generated by custom filters, you can now export the device details of the filter to CSV. For example, you can use a custom filter to look for devices running an older operating system, then export this list to CSV to use it in a customer inventory discussion. Here’s how it looks:

csv export

Note the download option is greyed out for the original out-of-the-box device views, it’s only available for custom views and the recently introduced “Last Response Over 30 Days” filter.

Run Large Reports in the Background

It’s now going to be possible to run the Check Clearing Report, the Managed Antivirus Quarantine Report and the Managed Antivirus Protection Report silently in the background. You’ll then receive an email with a download link once the report has generated. This can be useful especially for large reports, which can take some time to generate. Here’s a screenshot of the new option and the email you’ll receive:

async report 3


The release will be rolling out to the first set of territories in the Asia Pacific region today, with the rest of Europe and the Americas to follow in the next couple of days. Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– New CSV download for north pane views, customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Dashboard v2018.07.02, v2018.06.26
– No agent change

Dashboard v2018.07.02
FEATURE: CSV export of north pane data for device views that use custom device filters
UPDATE: Run the Check Clearing Report, the Managed Antivirus Quarantine and the Protection Reports in the background and receive an email with link when ready
BUGFIX: Ensure Patch Management policies are applying correctly to laptop devices

Dashboard v2018.06.26
UPDATE: Improve handling of Patch Management vulnerability scan issue related to partial data being returned and show check status as warning instead of failed
BUGFIX: Ensure the ‘Save’ button shows correctly on the Automatic Invoice Payment dialog

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