SolarWinds RMM: New “Custom Domains” Feature

We’re very pleased to let you know about a new “Custom Domains” feature in SolarWinds RMM that we’ll be rolling out in the coming days. With “Custom Domains,” you can access the RMM dashboard via your own custom URL, in keeping with your company branding. The new feature will automatically apply and maintain an SSL certificate for your custom domain, so that access is secure, and you won’t encounter any browser certificate warnings.

Here are the details of how this feature works…

  • Customers who have purchased custom branding will see a new option in the “General Settings” dialog called “Custom Domains.” Here’s a screenshot:

custom domains

  • Add one or more custom URLs to this section. You can remove any you no longer need. RMM will validate if the URL is set up correctly on a customer’s DNS server. If it can resolve the URL, it will acquire the SSL certificate and add the URL to the list.

Customer-side configuration needed: In order to use a custom domain, the customer must first create a CNAME DNS record on their DNS Server, and point this to the URL we show you on the Custom Domains dialog. (If you are unsure of how to create a CNAME redirect, there are many resources online that explain this.)

There is no cost for the SSL certificates and customers do not have to manage certificate renewals. The feature uses the free and open Let’s Encrypt certificate authority to obtain the certificates.

Customers who are currently accessing the dashboard via a custom domain will automatically have their URL(s) added to the list in this new feature. Once the feature has been released, any new domains can be added by the user. The RMM dashboard will automatically start using HTTPS for custom domains, you may just need to hit F5 to refresh your browser.

Note that the Custom Domains feature is only available to customers who have purchased RMM’s custom branding service. We’re making an exception for customers who are currently using a custom domain in order to avoid accidental RMM access issues. For those clients, we will also seed the Custom Domains list and provide access to the new option.

We plan to roll the new Custom Domains feature out to customers gradually over the coming days. We’ll be doing this outside of office hours as the update will invalidate current user sessions. We’ll confirm in a future post once it’s been made available to all clients.


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