SolarWinds RMM: NetPath is Now Available and Billing Commences April 1st

We’re very excited to announce that NetPath™ is now available for purchase in RMM. NetPath is a stunningly visual, highly intuitive tool that lets you see if your customers are experiencing slowdowns when they try to access a website or network service.

 NetPath Example


We know that you’ve been trying to use tools such as traceroute to troubleshoot these scenarios, but NetPath blows traceroute out of the water! While traceroute is useful in some scenarios, it has some serious shortcomings; for example, it does not present multiple paths, does not display historical data, and it typically displays incomplete data as many Firewalls block ICMP requests. Not only does NetPath solve those problems, it displays the flow of data in a gorgeous, visual way.


NetPath can be set up on any Windows Server or Windows Workstation in RMM. Try it today!

To get started, log in to the RMM dashboard and select View -> NetPath.

NetPath Menu #2


For a comprehensive video overview of NetPath, click here.


A quick note for customers who participated in the NetPath Preview:

In this GA release, we have changed the installation process of NetPath to remove the need for .NET v4.0+ to be pre-installed on the Server. Unfortunately, existing Preview Customers may encounter a problem with the automatic replacement of the DLL responsible for installing NetPath on your system. If you see_new_feature_14.dll in the Advanced Monitoring Agent\features directory, manually stop the Advanced Monitoring Agent Windows Service, delete the existing feature_14.dll, and rename _new_feature_14.dll to feature_14.dll.

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