SolarWinds RMM: Introducing Backup & Recovery “Documents” for Workstations – UPDATE

In follow-up to yesterday’s post, we’re pleased to confirm the latest RMM Dashboard and Agent release is now available to customers in all of Europe. Please update to the new Windows GA Agent v10.7.1 at your convenience, and we encourage you to take advantage of the new Backup & Recovery “Documents” option for protecting workstations against ransomware attacks and other emergencies.

We plan to release to the US and Americas territory shortly, after the Thanksgiving break.

Summary for Service Release

– Backup & Recovery “Documents” GA, with option to enable at Client and Site level
– Dashboard v6.50
– Windows Agent v10.7.1 GA, no new RC agent. Please note, v10.7.1 will also show as the RC Agent, but to confirm, it is the new GA Agent. 

Dashboard 6.50
FEATURE: Enable Backup & Recovery “Documents” at Client and Site level in the Backup & Recovery Settings dialog
UPDATE: A new link to the Filter Manager section from the device view dropdown menu in the north panel
BUGFIX: Resolve issue causing the Performance Monitoring Check to report a timeout and not generate the report

Windows Agent 10.7.1 GA
BUGFIX: Ensure Kaspersky Anti-Virus is detected correctly in the Antivirus Update Check

Windows Agent 10.7.1 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.6.1:

Agent 10.7.0 RC
FEATURE: New Backup & Recovery ‘Documents’ feature for out-of-the-box workstation backup

UPDATE: Backup Manager agent for Backup & Recovery upgraded to v17.9

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