Announcing Availability of SolarWinds Backup Version 17.7

We are pleased to announce the general availability of version 17.7 of SolarWinds Backup. This release is now available for our standalone partners to download directly from within the Management Console or our download site.

Version 17.7 is our July 2017 release and includes the following updates and enhancements:

Faster Recovery and Shorter Backup Windows – Speed, efficiency, and reliability has always been a core technology focus for SolarWinds Backup. In the competitive landscape, SolarWinds Backup has always stood out in its ability to process millions of files and terabytes of data in short backup windows. More importantly, SolarWinds Backup has always applied all this same intelligence to the restore experience.

Optimizations in the latest update (17.7) have been focused on optimizing efficiency and speed of both backup and restore. Many small improvements have been made to optimize available bandwidth utilization and enhance software performance. From a user perspective you will not experience any visible changes. However, many users will see a positive impact to the initial and ongoing backup tines as well as restore and recovery times.

Product Branding Changes – Partners will notice that we are replacing legacy brands, banners, color schemes and email addresses used for the backup product to reflect the SolarWinds Backup brand.

Send from email addresses use for registration and notification will be changing to use either or Please add these new addressed to your approved lists so you continue to receive email notifications.

Standalone Backup users can set their own custom branding, colors and send from email address within the management console.

“Documents” Backup for Windows Workstations – We will be releasing a new backup option called Documents, which is an affordable, fully automated cloud backup of business documents* on Windows workstations.


Click here for a quick video introduction to Documents deployment.


  • Cloud Only: No LocalSpeedVault, Backup and restore from the cloud
  • Windows Workstations Only: You don’t use this to backup a file server
  • 100% Automated: You don’t select what or when to backup
  • Auto Scheduling: Backup twice daily for 28 days (up to  56 restore points)
  • Auto Selection: Only includes specific document* types, not the full system
  • Unlimited File Count: No limit to the number of protected files
  • Maximum File Size: Largest individual protected files size of 50MB
  • Affordable pricing: Contact your account manager for region specific pricing

*Protected document files:

Documents – | .DOC | .DOCX | .ODT  | .PAGES | .PDF | .RTF | .TXT | .WPD | .WPS
Presentations – | .KEY | .PPS | .PPT  | .PPTX
Spreadsheets – | .CSV | .XLR | .XLS | .XLSX

Documents Availability – Documents is available for the standalone version of SolarWinds Backup starting July 26th and will be made available for the MSP N-central and MSP RMM integrated versions of SolarWinds Backup in Q3 and Q4.

Customer issues / Bug fixes

Issue – Addressed issue where Continuous Restore completes with Technical error #522

Issue – Addressed issues with upgrading / migrating from prior 16.x versions

Issue – Addressed and issue where delta restore of MS SQL was not working properly

Issue – Made improvements to consistency checks to better handle aborted backups

Upgrading to version 17.7

Standalone users of SolarWinds Backup & Recovery may begin upgrading to the latest version immediately.

For the highest level of compatibility, it is recommended that partners upgrade all of their backup and recovery tools to the latest version at the same time to maintain full compatibility. This includes the Backup Manager, Recovery Console, Virtual Drive, Bare Metal Recovery, Servertool and StorageNode software.

Integrated users of SolarWinds Backup (integrated w/ MSP RMM or MSP N-Central) should not attempt to upgrade to version 17.5 until they are notified to do so.  These platforms will be made available and updated on a separate schedule.

Backup Manager

Users may download the latest Backup Manager from the download section of our website or download links within the Management Console. The latest Backup Manager release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly (typically 2 weeks) following the initial release.

Virtual Drive

If installed, the Virtual Drive component will automatically update with the Backup Manager. When these binaries are updated, Virtual Drive will notify you that a reboot of the Backup Manager is needed to complete the update.

Management Console

Primary development efforts are focused on the online version of our Management Console and no updates are required on your part.

Storage Nodes – Mandatory updates for “Software Only” partners

It is mandatory that “Software Only” partners, those hosting their own private cloud storage, update all of their Storage Nodes to version 17.3 or later before upgrading or deploying version 17.x Backup Manager software at their client locations.  The latest Storage Node software installers can be found in the Advanced Download section of the Management Console or on the download section of our website.  A video walk through is available for Windows and Linux storage nodes.

Prior Versions & Other Tools

You may also download the latest and prior versions of these and other tools from the download section of the online Management Console as not all tools are currently distributed via Auto Update.


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