MSP RMM: Service Release, June 6th

We’re pleased to let you know the next MSP Remote Monitoring & Management service release is currently rolling out to the first set of territories. This week’s release is entirely focused on customer service improvements and bug fixes, and includes an update to the macOS Agent to address a Take Control related issue for Apple Mac devices.

The update will be available shortly in the Asia Pacific region and in selected European territories. The other regions, including the US, UK, Benelux, Germany and France, will follow in the next few days – we’ll keep you posted of our progress during the course of the week.

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.42.1
– New GA Agent for macOS v2.1.2

Dashboard 6.42.1
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which prevented MSP Anywhere Take Control installing on macOS devices (requires Mac Agent v2.1.2)
BUGFIX: Ensure the start/stop statuses for Automated task results are correctly displayed
BUGFIX: Correct issue where Automated Task could trigger when re-enabled
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with duplicate entries in Automated Tasks Report
BUGFIX: Allow for checks to be added to devices from the Remote Background Management dialog
BUGFIX: Address connectivity issue with Remote Background Management
BUGFIX: Allow the use of numerals in System Tray application file browser
BUGFIX: Correctly handle client group user permissions in Agent Auto-update dialog
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with alert thresholds on Performance Monitoring Checks
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Asset Tracking failing to update
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with duplicate Asset Tracking entries for RAM
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with user account duplication
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the timezone handling on report
BUGFIX: Update Risk Intelligence policy dialogs

Mac Agent 2.1.2 GA
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which prevented MSP Anywhere Take Control installing on macOS devices


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