MSP RMM Release: Risk Intelligence Custom Scans, SMS Text Alerts for Workstations

We’re pleased to confirm that in today’s RMM Dashboard release we’re adding the ability for you to add custom scans to Risk Intelligence policies, giving you greater control over what data and locations are included in your Risk Intelligence profile, and enhanced Analytics Reporting.

In addition to the Risk Intelligence update, we’re also adding the ability for you to receive SMS text alerts for critical workstation issues, just like you can for servers. Now you can be alerted automatically of any major issue affecting workstations and their users.

The release is currently rolling out across the Dashboard territories and will be available to all customers by start of the working day tomorrow, Friday 17th.

Included in today’s Risk Intelligence update:

  • New Custom Scanning Feature
    • Ability to create scans from a library of 70+ rulesets
    • New File Finder Scan
    • New Scan Options:
      • Directory/drive exclusion
      • Network share/removable drive scanning
      • CPU throttling
      • Security vulnerability exclusions
    • Analytic Trend and Baseline Reports for Custom Scans
  • New SW MSP Branding
    • Navigation Bar 2.0 – RM Dashboard
    • SolarWinds MSP Logo Reports/Dash

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 8.17.26 AM.png

Access this new Custom Scan functionality off the Settings > Risk Intelligence > Policy dialogs. Refer to the updated Risk Intelligence User Manual for detailed information.





Here are a few screenshots to show you the SMS alerts update…

  • On the Checks tab, select any checks that you wish to receive the SMS alert for (1). You can show and hide the columns using the ‘Alert Column’ feature on the right side of the Checks tab.


  • As with Servers, you can also enable SMS alerts for workstations at a policy level. Just go to the Settings dropdown list, and select Alerts > Settings (2).


By introducing SMS alerts for workstations, we’re making it easier for you to be informed right away of critical issues affecting customers’ workstations. Please note that the same billing applies to SMS alerts for workstations as it does for servers.


Summary for Release
– Custom scans for Risk Intelligence, SMS text alerts for workstations
– Dashboard v6.38
– Windows RC Agent v10.5.9, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.38
FEATURE: Custom scans for Risk Intelligence
FEATURE: Option to set SMS text alerts for workstations

Agent v10.5.9 RC
BUGFIX: Correct issue with the Event Log Check when querying for events on non-English endpoint devices

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