MSP RMM Release… Bulk Move Devices Between Sites

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding the ability for you to bulk move devices between sites in the RMM Dashboard. This has been a much-requested feature, so we’re particularly pleased we’re able to add this and help you save time and effort in managing devices across your estate.

The release also contains a set of bug fixes and customer support priorities, please refer to the release notes below for details. The update is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by Tuesday, November 22nd.

Here’s a run-through of the new bulk move option…

1. Go to the Site that contains the devices you want to move. You can bulk move both servers and workstations. Now multi-select the devices with CTRL+Click or Shift+Click, or just hit CTRL+A to select all devices in the north pane. You can move up to 50 devices in one go this way. Next, right-click to bring up the context menu, then select the new ‘Move’ option (1).

Note that the devices you select have to all be in the same current Site in order to bulk move them. This is because it’s important to show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’ feature configurations that will be applied, which wouldn’t be possible if the devices are from a from a mix of Clients and Sites.

2. Now select the new destination Site (2).

3. Review how the feature and site configuration settings will change to make sure you are happy with the setup (3). Note that devices that have their feature policies set locally via the Edit Device dialog (instead of inhered via a policy) will continue to keep that local policy setting.

4. Click OK and enter your Dashboard password as a final checkpoint and security step.

Note that users need to have the ‘Devices’ permission enabled in Roles & Permissions to see and use this feature.


And that’s it! You’re all set. We very much hope the new feature helps you organise devices across clients and sites much more easily and with less repetitive effort. Please keep the feedback coming as we continue to focus on feature enhancements designed to make the Dashboard more efficient and easy to use.


Summary for release:
– Bulk move devices, customer support priorities
– Dashboard 6.34.1
– No change to the Windows and Mac Agents

Dashboard v6.34.1
FEATURE: Bulk move devices from one Site to another
BUGFIX: Fix Patch Management issue causing no results to be found in the Patch Failure Report
BUGFIX: Ensure that Maintenance Mode suppresses server overdue alerts (SMS and email) for recurring maintenance schedules
BUGFIX: Fix issue leading to duplicate entries in the Client Inventory Report available from the Asset Tracking view
BUGFIX: Resolve character issue in Dashboard API call for listing device details
BUGFIX: Resolve entities mapping error in ConnectWise

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