MAX Backup & Recovery 16.8 – August Release Available for Download

The August 2016 release of MAX Backup 16.8 was posted to the download site on August 9th. Publishing of 16.8 to the Auto Update Service has been rescheduled to August 29th.

Version 16.8 is a maintenance release focused on addressing usability, performance and customer reported issued.

Summary for MAX Backup 16.8 

  • Auto Run Missed Backup Session  – If a Windows Workstation is powered off during a scheduled backup session MAX Backup will now start the missed jobs after the system is restarted.  Effective with the release of the Auto Update version this feature can be disabled from the management console by issuing the following remote  command.

Remote Command | Set Settings | IgnoreMissedScheduledBackup true

  • Configurable Drive Letter for Virtual Drive – Users can now specify the starting drive letter for Virtual Drive during installation.  If that letter is unavailable, then the next available drive letter will be assigned.  Syntax is as follows:

mxb-vd-windows-x64.exe -InitialVirtualDriveLetter B

  • Additional Security Checks Added –  Effective with the Auto Update version when completely removing a datasource from the backup selection the ‘Force Cleaning Confirmation’ will now prompt you to confirm your security code/ encryption key for confirmation.
  • Restore to Network Shares Only – Optional product configuration that prevents local volume restores and forces File & Folder and Network Share restore to a Network Share
  • Command Line for Network Shares Selection – The clienttool.exe command line tool now supports the ability to set selections for the Network Shares data source
  • Changes to how “Total Status” is calculated for Backup Jobs Historic session status for data sources which are selected but not part of an active schedule no longer effect the outcome of the “Total Status” field in the Management Console
  • Localization Updates – Multiple translation updates for all localizations
  • Performance Improvements – During file search in the Backup Manager | Restore tab
  • Auto Update for Cloud Storage Nodes – Auto Update support has been added to the FreeBSD version of our Cloud Storage Node to simplify infrastructure management
  • Issue – Hyper-V restores now allow granular selection of individual virtual disks
  • Issue – Addressed an issue where some folders with long paths would not display the folder size within the Backup Manager when making file selections
  • Issue – Addressed an issue where running backups could stall if the connection to the Storage Node became unreachable
  • Issue – Corrected GUI resize experience for Backup Manager | Preferences | Scripts tab
  • Issue – Addressed an issue where Change Block Tracking was not being used with VMware ESX host level backups
  • Issue – Addressed an issue with hard link errors with VDR and SBI backups
  • Issue – Addressed a VMware incompatibility issue introduced in Backup Manager 16.7

Ongoing Beta and Production Preview Features

  • Web-based Management Console Enhancements (Production Preview) 

This new console was first introduced in 2015 to supplement the existing Cloud Management Console and is targeted specifically at the needs of partners remotely managing end customer devices. The Web Console continues to evolve with each release providing partners with browser based access to add, delete, configure, monitor and manage backups from virtually any web based device without the need for a local software installation.


The Web Management Console can be accessed securely at and uses your existing Partner credentials.

Stay tuned, as additional phased updates to the Web Console will be made throughout 2016 as we continue to expand performance, functionality and usability.

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery for Linux (Beta)– The beta release of our Virtual Disaster Recovery for Linux technology introduced in 15.7 remains available for partners.  Initial support is focused on VDR of CentOS to VMware. Please submit support tickets for any open issues.

Updating to the latest version

Backup Manager

You may download the latest Backup Manager from the download section of our website or download links within the Management Console.  The latest Backup Manager release will also be distributed via our auto update server approximately 2 weeks  after the initial release.  To improved security  and ensure your Windows and Mac OS clients are always up to date and protected by the latest Backup Manager client version we have disabled the ability to set a ‘Max version:’ in version 16.8 and later of the Cloud Management Console.

Virtual Drive

If installed, the Virtual Drive component will be automatically updated with the Backup Manager going forward.  When these binaries are updated, Virtual Drive may notify you that a reboot is needed to complete the update.

Cloud Management Console

You may download the latest Cloud Management Console from the download section of our website.  The latest release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly following the initial release.  Once available you will be notified upon launching the management console and presented with the option to update.

Other Tools

You may also download the latest versions of the Bare Metal Recovery Tool, Recovery Console, etc. from the download section of our website. These components are not currently distributed via Auto Update.

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