Releasing Today: Mac-MSP v2.6.2 featuring Risk Intelligence

Today we are excited to bring you another step in our commitment to being the best ITSM solution for supporting the Mac: Mac-MSP 2.6.2 bundled with MAX Remote Management.

No doubt by now you have heard of our awesome MAX Risk Intelligence product and are automating its scans on your Windows computers.  This release of Mac-MSP will now let you get the same Risk Intelligence scans on your enrolled Macs.

Simply go to your Mac-MSP Dashboard and under Global Settings uncheck “Disable MAX Risk Intelligence”.  Risk Intelligence scans will execute as part of Mac-MSP’s background maintenance tasks.

This was a highly demanded feature for LOGICnow customers that we wanted to get in your hands right away.  Much bigger changes to the Mac agent are coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!
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