MAX RM Release… Improvements to Summary Tab & Patch Management’s Vulnerability Check

In today’s release, we’re pleased to announce a set of improvements to Patch Management’s Vulnerability Check. In addition, we’re enhancing the Summary Tab in the South Pane to show additional software and hardware information for the device, and we have an update to Roles & Permissions so that you can now enable Dashboard reports for end-client user logins.

Here are the details of today’s update:

Vulnerability Check Improvements…
We’ve been working on performance improvements to the Patch Management Vulnerability Check, so that the scanning process is generally more robust. In addition, we’re adding a new Windows Service Check to monitor the “GFI LanGuard Attendant Service”, which underpins the Vulnerability Scan, so you’ll receive an alert should this service fail for any reason (note, the new check requires the new RC Agent – at this stage it’s added for new Patch Management installations, we’re working on an update to add it to existing Patch installs as well).vulnerability service check

Thirdly, we’re making the Vulnerability Check a little more sophisticated by automatically triggering a fail state in the event no scan results are uploaded when it’s otherwise expected to. Together, these improvements build on the series of updates we made to Patch Management earlier in the year and help you monitor and analyze the state of your device security and identify risks before they become problems.

A More Informative Summary Tab…
In this release we’re also adding a new ‘Software Details’ section to the Summary Tab in the south pane, so it’s easier to see key information about the device without having to jump across to the Asset Tracking section.

Now you’ll be able to see the Operating System of the Device, the Windows Serial Number, its Install Date, the Windows Product Key and -as voted for on the LOGICnow Ideas Site – the Microsoft Office License Key. We’re also adding additional hardware info and the serial number to the Hardware Details section.

summary tab

Note that display of the Windows Product Key and Office License Key information on the Summary Tab is controlled by a new ‘Product Keys’ permission in Roles & Permissions, as this is potentially sensitive information. Go to Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions to turn this on for your users. In addition, you need to install the new RC Agent in order to retrieve and display the new Microsoft Office License Key info.

Report Access for End-Client Users…
Now it’s possible to enable most Dashboard Reports for end-client users, i.e. Dashboard logins based on the ‘Client’ system role. Go to Settings > Users > Roles and Permissions to turn on selected reports, which are client-group aware and will only show a user the Clients and devices you’ve selected for that user’s Client Group. You can set Client Groups under Settings > Users / Client Groups – it’s imperative you use Client Groups in conjunction with the Dashboard Reports to ensure you don’t accidentally reveal other clients to a particular customer.client system role reports

New RC Agent v10.3.4
Today’s release includes an update to the RC Agent, v10.3.4. Please give this latest version a try and let us know if you see any issues. You’ll need this to display the new Office License Key detail on the Summary Tab. We expect to turn this agent GA in the next few weeks, at which point we’ll be making all the recently added Automated Tasks generally available.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Improvements to Patch Management Vulnerability Check, Summary Tab, new RC Agent
– Dashboard v6.24
– New RC Agent v10.3.4, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.24
FEATURE: New Software Details section on Summary Tab in south pane showing Windows Serial number, Windows Product Key, Install Date, Microsoft Office License Key (requires Agent v10.3.4)
UPDATE: Windows Product Key and Microsoft Office License Key on Summary Tab subject to a new user ‘Product Keys’ permission in User Roles & Permissions
UPDATE: Asset Tracking and Dashboard Reports that are client-group aware can be turned on in Roles & Permissions for users based on the ‘Client’ system role
UPDATE: Performance improvement to the Patch Management Vulnerability Check to make its scan more resilient and less prone to issues that stop if from completing
UPDATE: Improvement to the Patch Management Vulnerability Check to fail this check if no new data is uploaded while status is otherwise indicating OK

Agent v10.3.4 RC
UPDATE: Show the Microsoft Office License Key on the Summary Tab in Dashboard
UPDATE: A new Windows Service Check “GFI LanGuard Attendant Service” which is automatically added when Patch Management is enabled on a device
UPDATE: Do not automatically upgrade .NET if version is less than 4.5.1 (introduced in Agent v10.3.0 RC)

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