Coming soon in MAX RM… New and improved Dashboard icons

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ll soon be releasing a significant MAX Remote Management update, with the introduction of a brand new set of Dashboard icons.

We recognise that icons play a big part in your overall experience of the product, and that well-designed icons help to convey key information more effectively. What’s more, a Dashboard that looks good is also more satisfying to work with, and can even help you promote your services to prospects and clients.

The new icons have a uniform and simplified appearance, making them easier to understand. For example, the icons now differentiate more clearly between features and checks, so it’s easier to see at a glance what state your devices are in.

The update is applied to all icons throughout the Dashboard, including the Wall Chart and the Reports.

To show you how much the new icons improve the Dashboard’s look and feel, here are some screenshots…

  • New feature and device icons in the north pane:

new feature icons

  • New check icons in the south pane:

new check icons

  • New asset icons:

new asset icons

  • New icons in all the dropdown menus:

new menu icons

  • And in the left-side tree:

client treenew icons

  • New corresponding icons in all the Dashboard Reports:

device inventory report new icons

  • And the same modern icons in the Wall Chart:

wall chart new icons

As you can see, the new icons give the Dashboard a significant and much-deserved visual boost!

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the release, and expect to bring you this update in a few days’ time. We very much hope you’ll enjoy the crisper look & feel of the new icons and give you an altogether more satisfying Dashboard experience.

Please remember to refresh your browser following this release! It’s possible local browser caching can cause a temporary display issue with the new icons. 

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