MAX RM Service Release, April 22nd

In today’s Dashboard release, we’re pleased to announce an update to the customer support section in the Help menu. We’re consolidating the support options available to you in a single dialog, including a link to the new and improved Support Portal, so that it’s easier and quicker to find the right answer. Here’s a screenshot of the new Support Center:

help center


We’re also releasing an update to the v10 GA Agent, in order to add support for proxy environments. This new GA Agent (v10.0.4) will be available to download in all territories by tomorrow. Customers who have devices configured to communicate through a proxy environment are encouraged to install this latest version. Customers without such environments won’t notice a change with this release, and may choose to wait until the next RC Agent becomes GA.


Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.18.1
– New GA Agent v10.0.4

Dashboard v6.18.1
UPDATE: Reorganization of the Support Center that includes a link to the new and improved support portal and website, and product tours
BUGFIX: Enable the ‘View Report’ option on the Performance Monitoring Check dialog for devices running the v10 Agent

Agent v10.0.4 GA
UPDATE: Add support for proxy environments to the v10 Agent to ensure checks are successfully processed for devices communicating through a proxy environment

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