MAX RM Release… Patch Management and Managed Online Backup enhancements now live

We’re pleased to confirm that the latest MAX RM release is rolling out across the Dashboard territories, so that it will be available to all customers by tomorrow, Thursday April 21st. The US Territory got a head start on today’s update and already has the new features.

This includes a set of much-anticipated improvements to Patch Management, with new features such as a patch roll-back facility for Microsoft patches, and an improved workflow to help you install patches more quickly and with less admin effort. Click here to find our more, including detailed screenshots of the new functionality.

Today’s update also includes an upgrade to Managed Online Backup so that it runs on a newer version of MAX Backup (v16.3.0). It contains a series of improvements to Virtual Disaster Recovery, offering better performance and greatly reducing the time it takes to perform a system recovery.

Note that the new Backup Manager and some of the new Patch Management features require the new RC Agent, v10.2.0.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Patch Management improvements, Backup Manager upgrade, customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.18
– New RC Agent v10.2.0, no change to the GA Agent

Dashboard v6.18
FEATURE: Provide the reason for a Patch installation failure
FEATURE:  A new Patch Management “Patch Failure” Report
FEATURE: Roll back Microsoft patches on single and multiple devices
FEATURE: A new Patch Management Approval Policy dialog with an improved workflow, more aggregated data, and better performance
UPDATE: Option to set a Monthly Schedule for automated Patch Management
UPDATE: Ability to set the Patch installation schedule at the point of approving a patch in the South Pane
BUGFIX: Correct issue whereby the Wall Chart shows problem devices in pink (to signal new alerts) and doesn’t fade to the regular colour

Agent v10.2.0 RC
FEATURE: Roll back Microsoft patches on single and multiple devices
UPDATE: Option to set a Monthly Schedule for automated Patch Management
UPDATE: Ability to detect and declare failure reasons where Patch installation fails
UPDATE: Backup Manager for Managed Online Backup updated to MAX Backup version 16.3.0

  • Automatic repair Active Directory file replication
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes for Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Display modified dates of files and folders in restore selection and in search results
  • Zero file size detection
  • Fast VDR/SBI without postponed sessions for VSS data sources
  • Archiving performance improvements
  • Recover only selected disks during BMR
  • Large disk support for VDR to Azure

UPDATE: Add support for McAfee Endpoint Security to Antivirus Check
UPDATE: Capture more Software Install Date information in Asset Tracking
UPDATE: Performance improvement to address an Agent reliability issue in connection with Remote Background Management feature
UPDATE: Performance improvement to Remote Background Management to ensure its connection is more reliable
BUGFIX: Correct issue with Symantec System Recovery 2013 in the Backup Check to ensure it reports the status correctly
BUGFIX: Correct issue with detecting Avast! definition version in Antivirus Check


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