Coming Soon: MAX RM – MAV Bitdefender engine upgrade 3rd March

We have a new Bitdefender engine that we wish to roll out to the Managed Antivirus service.  The main focus of this build will be to address the performance issues that some machines have seen during scanning as well as the erroneous running deep scans.  This update will download automatically on current installs of Bitdefender MAV if not set otherwise in the policy.   We’re planning to push this update around 16:00 GMT/11am EST on Thursday March 3.  The update usually takes a few hours to propagate and can take up to 24 hours before being applied to the machine.

Machines will be updated from our current Bitdefender engine version of to  This update should not require a reboot.  If any issues are encountered during the upgrade that do request a reboot, the reboot status will be reported up to the RM dashboard.

Please see the following link for more detail on controlling MAV Bitdefender engine upgrades on weekends and evenings, as well as reboots:

Here is the change log for the new build:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Improved the performance of scheduled scans when the Run low priority option is set. Please ensure the low priority option is enabled for both quick and deep scans within the MAV policy.
    • Please note low priority is a code level action from Bitdefender and will not be reflected in task manager.  Normal Priority shown in Task Manager is expected.
  • Improved product and signatures update verification mechanisms


Resolved issues:

  • Corrected an issue where deep scans could get hung when trying to scan a non-existent drive on the device
  • Addressed a vulnerability that implied the possibility of remote code execution
  • In some situations, the Bitdefender Endpoint Agent service was unable to start after a product update; requiring a reboot.
  • During scans, the Endpoint Security icon was not visible in the Notification Area of Windows 10 TH2.
  • In some situations, the on-access scanning module was not functional after an OS upgrade to Windows 10 TH2.





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