MAX RM Dashboard Release… Introducing the new Executive Summary Report

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new Dashboard report in today’s release, the Executive Summary Report. This new report is designed to help you quantify and communicate the business and technical value of your services to clients and prospects, capturing key metrics and support activities in an easy-to-digest, professional-looking business report that showcases all the critical functions you perform.

The new monthly report is available alongside the existing Client Reports. As with the Client Reports, the new report will match any custom Dashboard branding, and it can be set to email automatically to customers. The Executive Summary Report will run on the 4th day of every month for the clients that have this report enabled. If the report has not yet run for a client, then the Dashboard will automatically provide an example report, which you can use to show prospects and clients.

In this release we’re also upgrading the GA Agent to v9.13.8 – please update your devices via the ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ dialog. The new Agent v10 RC announced last week, running on the new real-time architecture, is expected to remain a release candidate version for the coming weeks. Windows XP and Server 2003 devices should upgrade to the new GA Agent v9.13.8, they will not be able to upgrade to Agent v10 once that goes GA.

All the details… Here’s an example of the new report and how to set it up in the Dashboard,

1. To access the new Reports in the Dashboard, click Settings in the top menu bar, then Client Reports > Executive Summary Settings (1)executive summary report 1

2. Enable the report for selected clients so it will be generated at the start of each month. Optionally add email addresses to automatically email the report out (2).executive summary report 2

3. Once the reports have been generated on the 4th of each month, they’ll be available for the enabled clients under Reports > Client Reports > Executive Summary Reports (3) (4)executive summary report 3executive summary report 4

4. To see an example report, select “Example Report” from the dropdown list for any enabled client who doesn’t yet have an actual report (i.e. because it hasn’t generated yet on the 4th for the previous month). The information in this Example Report is demo data and safe to show to prospects and customers. Here are some screenshots of the actual report and the information it contains. It spreads over just two pages, giving a high-level yet highly comprehensive overview of your services and business value.

Page 1executive summary report 5

Page 2executive summary report 6

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on bug fixes and performance enhancements
– Dashboard v6.13.6
– Agent v9.13.8 GA, no change to the RC Agent

Dashboard 6.13.6
FEATURE: New, custom-branded monthly Executive Summary Report showing a client’s systems and services status, available from the Client Reports section in the Reports menu
FEATURE: Set a scheduled email for the new monthly Executive Summary Report
FEATURE: Customise the email template for the new monthly Executive Summary Report
FEATURE: Access an example Executive Summary Report with demo data for showing prospects and customers
UPDATE: A new option on the General Tab for Bitdefender Managed Antivirus to schedule Bitdefender Engine upgrades on weekends, evenings, or delay by X number of days
UPDATE: More detailed Help link within Managed Antivirus Bitdefender Policy on the Exclusions tab
UPDATE: Show message instead of an error if a user attempts to view the Client Monthly reports while generating
BUGFIX: Cancel erroneous deep scans that are no longer communicating back to the dashboard properly. NOTE: This is a partial implementation while we continue to work with Bitdefender for the full solution

Agent v9.13.8 GA
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.13.3

Agent v9.13.7 Release Candidate
UPDATE: Add Take Control branding to the Take Control host

Agent v9.13.6 Release Candidate
BUGFIX: Improved handling of double quote characters in Automated Tasks

Agent v9.13.5 Release Candidate
UPDATE: Update the Take Control host module to use TeamViewer v11
UPDATE: Add support for latest version of StorageCraft ShadowProtect to Backup Check
BUGFIX: Resolve conflict affecting Web Protection performance at Agent service start up

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