MAX RM Service Release – Dashboard v6.12.7

Dashboard v6.12.7 is currently rolling out across the territories, so that it will be available to all customers by Thursday, 11th of February.

Today’s release contains a few feature updates, including the ability to rename workstations after you’ve added them to the Dashboard, just like you can for servers. We’ve also boosted the performance of the Automated Tasks and AV Protection reports when running them for large device numbers.

We’d also like to highlight a couple of Agent Push Install updates, please see the release notes below for details. 

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities, performance enhancements and minor feature updates
– Dashboard v6.12.7
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.12.7
UPDATE: Option to rename workstations on the Edit Workstation dialog
UPDATE: Log workstation name changes in the User Audit Report
UPDATE: Performance enhancement to Automated Tasks Report to better handle large device numbers
UPDATE: Performance enhancement to Antivirus Protection Report to better handle large device numbers
UPDATE: Add ‘no results found’ suggestions to Device Inventory Report instead of showing an error
BUGFIX:  Correct 500 error seen on Push Install from Active Discovery when using the secondary MAX dashboard URL (dashboard2 URLs)
KNOWN ISSUE:  Custom Dashboard URLs may produce a 500 error when using Push Install from Active Discovery. Please use MAX dashboard URLs to use this feature

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