MAX RM: Service Release – Dashboard v6.9.6

Dashboard v6.9.6 is now live in all territories. Today’s update is all about customer service priorities, here are the details:

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer support priorities
– Dashboard v6.9.6
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.9.6
BUGFIX: Ensure checks that are cleared until a specified date stay cleared until that time instead of showing as failing checks
BUGFIX: Improve performance of ‘Edit Checks Like This’ and ‘Delete Checks Like This’ to better handle special characters in device names
BUGFIX: Improve Dashboard responsiveness while large reports are being generated
BUGFIX: Ensure the device offline and overdue times are the same on the Wall Chart and Dashboard
BUGFIX: Truncate very long check names with elipses in the Client Monthly Reports
BUGFIX: Ensure device names are shown for site uptime charts in Client Monthly Reports

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