Coming Soon: MAX RM 6.7 – Service Release with Patch Management Agent Upgrade (RC)

Our next release will see an update to a new version of the Patch Management Agent, which will include support for more than 40 additional products (see below for the full list). The new agent provides the foundations for a series of Patch Management improvements that we will be delivering in the months ahead. One enhancement that will be included in this release is a new column to tell you whether a patch is installable or not.

We’re also still working hard to ensure we can make the current Release Candidate Agent generally available at the soonest opportunity. We’re aiming to have this ready for the next release, as soon as we can confirm it’s ready to go.

The Patch Management Agent Upgrade…
Note that this is an Agent update so you need to install the new RC Agent to take a look.

The new Patch Management agent update lays the groundwork for future Patch Management improvements, and opens up access to more data points, such as the reason for a patch installation failure. We’ll be incorporating these improvements into future releases. In the meantime, this update greatly broadens support for non-Microsoft products.

Here’s the full list of additional products that will now be covered:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PhotoShop
Apache Web Server
Bullzip PDF Printer
CDBunrner XP
Core FTP
Foxit PhantomPDF
Mozilla Firefox ESR
Mozilla Thunderbird ESR
PDF-XChange Editor
Real VNC
Spybot – Search & Destroy
STP Viewer
VMware Player
VMware Workstation
Zimbra Desktop

The other improvement in this release is a new column that shows whether a patch in installable or not (1). Here’s a screenshot of how that will be displayed in the Dashboard:


Staging Release Notes
Please note that staging release notes are subject to change. Final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on feature improvements, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.7
– Agent v9.12.2 GA, Agent v9.13 RC

Dashboard 6.7
UPDATE: Addition of an “Is Installable” Column to Dashboard
UPDATE: Update to the Managed Online Backup T&Cs
BUGFIX: Ensure that Client Monthly Report graphs are generated correctly
BUGFIX: Ensure that Client Monthly Report charts show correct labels
BUGFIX: Ensure that workstation SNMP checks send the IP address of the host
BUGFIX: Ensure the Check Clearing API call does not generate a blank note in the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure User scripts show usage parameters when adding to devices
BUGFIX:  Correct an issue where machines would scan immediately when coming out of sleep mode rather respecting the missed scan at startup option.

Agent v9.13 RC
UPDATE: Patch Management Agent upgraded to LanGuard version 11.4, adding support for 47 additional non-Microsoft products
UPDATE: Backup Manager for Managed Online Backup updated to version 14.1.1 (a code release, no functional update)

Agent v9.12.2 GA
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.10.2:

Agent v9.12.2 RC
BUGFIX: Improve handling of ‘0’ character in User Scripts so that scripts run as they would if run locally on the device and can be accepted as a command line argument
BUGFIX: Improvement to the Vipre removal process when installing Bitdefender

Agent v9.12.1 RC
UPDATE: Faster Agent check-in after servers and workstations start up
BUGFIX: Ensure a Monitoring Template with tasks applies the tasks on devices that have not previously had tasks on them
BUGFIX: Ensure all Take Control sessions display the computer name
BUGFIX: Ensure Windows Backup is correctly detected in the Backup Check for Server 2008 and Windows Vista machines
BUGFIX: Ensure the Failed Login Check shows the event info correctly on the More Information dialog

Agent v9.12.0 RC
FEATURE: Use Automated Tasks in Monitoring Templates to add Tasks to Clients, Sites and Devices
UPDATE: Near real-time processing on Run Task commands in the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure Windows 10 reports as such and not as Windows 8.1 in the Dashboard

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