MAX RM v6.6 – Service Release – is now Live

MAX RM V6.6 Service release is now live across all territories. This time the update is fully focused on customer service priorities and bug fixes. Details of the update are below:

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.6

Dashboard 6.6
UPDATE: Offline / Overdue devices will queue a Monitoring Template request (the first request is queued, subsequent requests are not queued)
UPDATE:  Added Polish language Support for local MAV endpoint (Bitdefender only) within Bitdefender Policies (Installation Settings Tab)
BUGFIX: Improve performance of the XML Data Dump report
BUGFIX: Ensure that the Managed Antivirus snooze feature is available for ‘classic’ user roles
BUGFIX: Confirm that correct icon is displayed during Site Down with Data Overdue Cross Check configured
BUGFIX: Ensure Service checks can be added from the Remote Background Management dialog
BUGFIX: Ensure recurring maintenance schedules apply the correct time
BUGFIX: Correct an issue whereby in certain circumstances a Managed Antivirus policy change did not cascade to some devices
BUGFIX: Confirm no site down alert is generated when hostname responds to ping
BUGFIX: Add support for accented characters such as umlauts in the device search feature

KNOWN ISSUE: Even though servers and workstations check in immediately following reboot, Last response and reboot timestamp does not update for 7 minutes

Please remember to refresh your browser cache following the update, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues.

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