GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.44.4 Release

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.44.4 is being released overnight, so that it will be available to customers in advance of the working day tomorrow, Friday 22nd.

This is a routine service release focused on feature updates and bug fixes, and includes a significant enhancement to check clearing, giving customers greater control over the check clearing workflow.

We’ve taken care to ensure this feature is optional for current customers so that support operations are not accidentally interrupted, but we very much hope you will take advantage of the new functionality:

• Choose your default check clearing policy for DSC and 24×7 Checks: Keep a check cleared until the check passes, or retry the check on the next cycle

• Optionally specify this behaviour as you clear checks, or ‘snooze’ a check for a selected period while you work the issue, reducing the amount of unnecessary alerts

• View all currently cleared checks in a new Check Clearing Report, grouped by check, device or user

To enable this feature, simply go to Settings > General Settings > Check Clearing.

In addition, we’re releasing two new API calls covering historical data for backup and antivirus checks, to assist customers who use the API service for reporting and data analysis purposes.

Lastly, I’m happy to share that we’re planning a feature release next Thursday August 28th, introducing our brand new “Failed Login Check” (to replace our current “Hacker Check”), the option to delete multiple checks at once, as well as location tracking for iOS devices in MDM. We’ll be following this soon after with the integration of MAX Mail into the MAX RM Dashboard – stay tuned for further updates!

Full release notes for Dashboard v5.44.4 are below.
Summary for Service Release, Thursday 21st August 2014

• Service Release focused on feature updates and bug fixes
• Dashboard v5.44.4
• No Agent change

Dashboard v5.44.4

• FEATURE: Specify a default check clearing behaviour for DSCs and 24×7 Checks: Stay cleared until it passes, or re-try the check on the next cycle
• FEATURE: Option to allow a user to specify the desired check clearing behaviour when clearing a check, and edit this setting on a currently cleared check
• FEATURE: Option to keep checks cleared for a specified period of time ( ‘snooze’ a check for x days and hours)
• FEATURE: A new Check Clearing report to show all currently cleared checks by user, check, device
• FEATURE: Introducing two check API calls: list_antivirus_history, list_backup_history
• UPDATE: Adding check clearing behaviour data and command option to the list_failing_checks and clear_check API calls
• UPDATE: Invoice payment details updated in the US territory
• BUGFIX: Ensure PSA tickets are closed when a check is cleared by the clear_check API call if PSA configured to do so
• BUGFIX: Ensure Autotask tickets close correctly when Issue Type reassigned to Type with no Sub Issue Types
• BUGFIX: Ensure devices are marked inactive in ConnectWise MSP when a device has been uninstalled locally
• BUGFIX: Ensure Web Protection Whitelist/Blacklist policies allow accented characters
• BUGFIX: Ensure requests do not time out when requesting a Take Control session
• BUGFIX: Ensure correct translation of “Weekly Report” when dashboard viewed in Italian
• BUGFIX: Ensure correct translation for adding a check clearing note used when dashboard viewed in German


Best Regards,


Product Manager @ GFI MAX

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