GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Feature Release – MDM Enhancements incl. Windows Phone 8.1 (RC)

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that we have a major feature release going out overnight so that it will be available to customers in advance of the working day tomorrow, Wednesday July 2nd, which significantly enhances our Mobile Device Management offering.

With this update to Dashboard v5.44, Agent v9.6.1 GA and Agent v9.7.0 RC, we’ll be introducing the following brand new MDM features:

  • Support for Windows Phone 8.1 (RC):  Customers can now manage and secure their clients’ mobile devices for ‘the big three’: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. All from the MAX RM Dashboard.
  • A trio of MDM Reports and API calls:  We’re adding a mobile device inventory report, a location history report and a data usage report, together with associated API calls, allowing customers to better manage and report on their MDM service
  • Android enhancements: Provision WiFi access and set password policies, further bolstering the security of mobile devices under management

We’re releasing Windows Phone 8.1 as release candidate (RC) while Microsoft’s 8.1 update is available as a developer preview, with the intention to make Windows Phone 8.1 a generally available (GA) MDM feature once Microsoft rolls out its update to consumer handsets, expected later this summer. Using the developer preview, this early availability gives customers and ourselves the best opportunity to test and review Microsoft’s very latest operating system. Because of the substantial MDM enhancements in Windows Phone 8.1 and because of the rapid uptake expected upon rollout, we have decided to support v8.1 only and are skipping over its predecessor, v8.0 – it will therefore not be possible to connect Windows Phone 8.0 devices to the MAX RM Dashboard.

As part of this release, we’re also making Agent v9.6.1 available for auto-update as the production agent, allowing customers to roll the new Web Protection feature out to clients through Dashboard policies, adding further protection to end-point devices from Web-based security threats.

We very much hope you’ll find this major update to MAX RM’s mobile device management feature a great enhancement to the service. To get started, here’s a link to our Quick Start Guide, and you can also watch our release video. Full release notes are below.


Product Manager @ GFI MAX


Summary for Service Release, Tuesday 1 July 2014

•             Feature release focused on MDM enhancements, including support for Windows Phone 8.1 (RC), MDM reports and API calls
•             Dashboard v5.44
•             Agent v9.6.1 GA, Agent 9.7.0 RC

Dashboard 5.44

FEATURE: Add support for Windows Phone 8.1 in Mobile Device Management
FEATURE: Add three Mobile Device Management reports: Device Inventory Report, Location History Report, Data Usage Report
FEATURE: Add three Mobile Device Management API calls: list_mobile_devices, list_location_history, list_usage
FEATURE: Add WiFi provisioning for Android in Mobile Device Management
FEATURE: Add passcode provisioning for Android in Mobile Device Management
UPDATE: Add Mobile Device Management data in existing API calls list_devices_at_client and list_clients
UPDATE: Extend size of Web Protection’s block message from 200 to 2000 characters
UPDATE: In Mobile Device Management policy dialog, Basic Device Information setting to appear on the General tab
UPDATE: Automatically remove the MDM profile and its settings from iOS devices when the device is removed from the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure Critical Events Report correctly sends on schedule
BUGFIX: Solve UI alignment issue with long PAK email addresses
BUGFIX: Ensure the User Audit Report does not include entries for PAK login generated by API calls
BUGFIX: Solve issue causing slow load time for software license group catalogue

Agent 9.7.0 (RC)

UPDATE: Update Take Control to TeamViewer 9.0.29327
BUGFIX: Ensure Take Control session information is generated for Take Control Report
BUGFIX: Correctly handle unexpected registry values when running Backup check for Acronis Backup & Recovery
BUGFIX: Ensure correct operation of Backup check for Symantec Backup Exec when certain registry keys are empty
BUGFIX: Ensure Backup check supports latest version of GFI MAX Backup
BUGFIX: Correctly handle redirection of system paths on 64 bit versions of Windows in File Size check
BUGFIX: Ensure Antivirus update check supports Engine B in Business version of G Data 2014
Agent 9.6.1 GA – Includes all the Release Notes over and above current production agent v9.5.6

Agent v9.6.1 

BUGFIX: Ensure AVG 2013 64 bit version is detected correctly in the Antivirus update check 

Agent v9.6.0

FEATURE: Introducing the Web Protection Agent

BUGFIX: Ensure correct reading of large Windows Event log files to ensure associated checks access the required value

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