GFI MAX ServiceDesk 1.5

Hi All,

We have now released ServiceDesk 1.5, this has been applied to all active installations.

Release notes are included below.



Summary for ServiceDesk 1.5

New Time Rate capabilities, Cost Tracking on tickets and exports, new Dashboard Reporting available, Inventory support, Knowledge Base enhancements, QuickBooks Online integration and more…

UPDATE: Time Tracking
• Ability to set an Organisation Hourly Rate
• Define new ‘Standard Rate’ logic applied to time entries ( organisation rate preferred over staff, organisation only, staff only or custom hourly rate)
• Create custom time rates that can be managed from a new ‘Time Billing’ section in ServiceDesk, specifying title, rate, minimum charge. These can subsequently be selected when creating a time entry within a ticket in addition to the new standard rate logic.
• Ability to define a ‘Contract Hours’ window that allows you to assign time to an Organisation within a month, selecting ‘Contract Hours’ when inputting time on a ticket and display of how much inclusive time remains.

UPDATE: Ticket Cost Items
• Ability to create non time based costs against a ticket, i.e. non inventory based items. These are subsequently available on Export and Organisation Reports.

UPDATE: Inventory Support
• Create multiple products within ServiceDesk. When inputting a new non-time based cost there is the ability to search for an inventory item,  selecting quantity,  tracking stock count and automatic deduction.

UPDATE: Organisation Reporting
• Reporting Summary functionality available at an organisation level to view Organisation activity (tickets, time, response times and cost charges) within a variable time frame
• Ability to export a PDF report with graphs, customisable based on your selection of what charts/tables to include.

UPDATE: QuickBooks Online Integration
• Export ServiceDesk Time and Cost entries to QuickBooks to create Invoices against existing QuickBooks Customers
• Configure default settings against Time and Cost exports
• Customise rounding logic for Invoice exports (round time to the nearest minute, 15 minute etc.)

UPDATE: Knowledge Base Improvements
• Articles can now be Organisation specific, allowing only logged in users within that Organisation the capability to view them.
• Improved access controls to restrict article visibility
• Sub Categories in the category hierarchy and display
• Attachments supported for articles
• Improved PDF export of articles

UPDATE: Improved Admin Dashboard
• Improved administration and staff dashboard, providing a system snapshot of time, ticket, response and SLA activity – which can be generated over the current day, last week or last 30 days.

Minor Enhancements:
UPDATE: Improved admin navigation, SLA and Asset menu layout simplified
UPDATE: Improved visual display of ticket priority on Ticket Listing pages
UPDATE: Assets now support RM (imported) and SD level notes
UPDATE: Show ‘Organisation Notes’ on the View Ticket page if available for quick visibility
UPDATE: Added the ability to set a default System ‘From’ address for non-ticket related emails (e.g. password reminders)
UPDATE: Ability to un-assign a ticket
UPDATE: Inclusion of Sub Status on Ticket Export
UPDATE: Closed Tickets are now displayed on the user self service portal (including for Organisation owners)
UPDATE: Improved ‘Manage Organisations’ layout, including new Summary and Contract Hours features.
UPDATE: Improved Scheduled Report templates
UPDATE: Ability to edit custom Ticket Fields

BUGFIX: Improved Statement of Work export (extended character support)
BUGFIX: Improved Article PDF Export (extended character support)
BUGFIX: Fixed the customer feedback star rating selection
BUGFIX: Improved front-end file validation error message
BUGFIX: Improved attachment handling for staff responses to users (via email)
BUGFIX: Fixed validation warning message when contact name is left blank on creation of a user contact


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