Introducing Cove version 23.10

Cove Data Protection version 23.10 is being deployed in waves between Oct. 18 and 23, with updates and improvements to the automated recovery testing feature, UI enhancements, and bug fixes.

Recovery Testing
With this release, we’ve introduced a new option to restore only the OS disk during an automated recovery test, rather than doing a test restore of the entire device. This allows larger devices (larger than 2 TB) to now be included in recovery testing plans, as the OS-only option will be smaller than 2 TB.

Also, with this release, devices with the “no restore” setting turned on can still be enrolled in recovery testing plans. Previously, this would have been blocked by that setting.

One-time restore dashboard enhancement
Three new columns have been added to the one-time restore dashboard UI, making it easier to see a device’s selected size, restored size, and restored files.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Renamed resources from ‘OnDemand’ to ‘OneTimeRestores’ for both Standby Image and One-time Restores.
  • Implemented cleanup of snapshots created during Failed or Aborted sessions.
  • Addressed an issue where a restore would take an extended time to abort during a service shutdown.
  • Refined the mechanism for setting CPU/RAM configurations for restored VMs to prevent resource shortages on the server.
  • Resolved an underlying issue causing the error: “WMI job failed: ‘StandbyImage_***’ failed to start. Not enough memory in the system.”
  • Rectified the root cause of the error message: “Failed to initialize virtual disk file: Unable to modify existing virtual machine parameters.”
  • Fixed issues with restores when the disk size on the source VM was reduced, preventing the “Error #700: Failed to initialize virtual disk file: Unable to modify existing virtual machine parameters.”
  • Solved access restrictions faced when restoring older backups.

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