N-able RMM: Mac and Linux Update, New Agents

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM release includes an important update to Mac and Linux policies and 2 new Windows agents. Here are all the details!

Mac and Linux

Partners can now set a default monitoring template for both Mac workstations and/or Linux servers. Both options function identical to Windows and give you both custom and asset tracking policies.

The Mac default template works great when paired with the zero-touch automatic enrollment by Apple Business Manager. Your new Macs show up in the dashboard as soon as the user powers up and gets online…. and when they do, your default template will be applied.

New RC and GA Agents

We are pleased to advise that agent version 10.12.0 has been moved to GA and a new RC Agent version of 10.12.1 has been published. These agents include the below fixes:

Windows GA Agent v10.12.0

  • UPDATE: Automation Manager’s ‘scriptrunner’ service update to v2.40
  • UPDATE: The ‘fmplugin’ service can now be upgraded separately from agent
  • UPDATE: Improvements to handling of the Take Control agent installer
  • BUGFIX: Address EDR script checks issue “failed to start – unknown error”
  • BUGFIX: Better cleanup of residucal files upon removing of the RMM agent

Windows RC Agent v10.12.1

  • Update: Improve error logging for systray install failures
  • Update: Improved fmplugin + script runner returns logic where version is missing
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