Advance Notice: Standardization of Password Complexity Settings For NCOD Partners

UPDATE: The changes outlined in this blog entry will be taking place on the following dates:

  • February 15th: APAC Partners
  • February 16th: EMEA Partners
  • February 17th: Americas Partners

As part of our continuing efforts to keep our hosted offerings secure, and to implement industry best practices, the password complexity settings for our NCOD Partners will be updated on Friday, January 14th.

Password Expiry90 days
Lockout After X Failed Sign-In Attempts5
Unlock A Locked Account After60 minutes
Minimum Password Length8
Minimum Number Of Special Characters3
Minimum Number Of Digits1
Minimum Number Of Uppercase Characters1
Minimum Number Of Lowercase Characters1
Maximum Number Of Previous Passwords To Remember2
Do Not Allow Username-Based PasswordsEnabled
Do Not Allow Dictionary WordsEnabled

We wanted to call out one particular setting change – that it will be mandatory that your passwords are changed every 90 days. If you happen to have a password that is older than 90 days when this change is made, you will be prompted to change your password when you next login to your NCOD environment.

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