N-central 2021.3 GA and NCOD Upgrade Schedule


We are very excited to announce that N-central 2021.3 has gone GA, and is now available for download!

For a complete list of changes in this release, read on! To access the documentation or grab the installers, please head over to the 2021.3 download page.

What’s New

macOS Support – Tastier Than Apple Pie!

macOS devices are present in just about every one of your customers, and with 2021.3’s support for macOS Big Sur (11.x) and macOS Monterey (12.x), we’re right there beside you. In addition to updating the macOS agent to work on those newer versions of macOS, you’ll also find that the Operating System menu at the device level has been updated to include entries for Big Sur and Monterey.

 Controlling How Take Control Controls Inactive Sessions

That was a bit of a mouthful, but the Coles notes here is that all Take Control sessions are configured by default to terminate the session after 30 minutes of inactivity. That functionality was introduced in 2021.1 HF7, but it was a value in the N-central database that could not be modified through N-central’s UI. 2021.3 resolves that by making the Inactivity Timeout value configurable on the device level, and at the System/SO/Customer/Site levels via the Administration → Defaults → Remote Control Defaults page.

 But Wait…..There’s More!

Performance Improvements – Everyone Loves A Well-Oiled Machine

The Active Issues view has been tweaked and tuned to render more quickly, and improvements have been made to how efficiently N-central processes incoming data submissions. Niiiiiiiice.

A New N-central Logo? Awesome!

The “N-able N-central” logo found in the title bar of the N-central UI has been tweaked to make it more easily readable. Thanks to our eagle-eyed Partners who spotted that issue.

Updates to the AV Defender Behavioral Analysis Module

AV Defender’s Behavioral Analysis module has been enhanced to include the latest Advanced Anti Exploit (AAE) technology that further augments existing technologies to fight off targeted attacks.

Updates to the DNS Filtering Module

  • The DNS Filtering Status service has been updated to support Self-Healing, and also now monitors port 53 availability.
  • ​Maintenance Windows have been updated to support DNS Filtering.

​Updates to the minimum version of the Patch Management Engine (PME)

  • When doing a fresh install of the PME, 2021.3 now installs an N-able branded version right from the get-go

 NCOD Upgrade Schedule

The NCOD (hosted instances of N-central) environment will be upgraded this coming Thursday, December 16th and Friday, December 17th.

Details around the upgrade timing for individual NCOD servers can be found on the Hosted N-central Upgrade Schedule page, available here:


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