N-able Backup Release 21.12

The N-ableTM Backup team is wrapping up the year with Release 21.12, bringing still more user interface updates to improve usability and enhance the clarity of messages and labels, as well as a new security update.

Microsoft 365
Previously, if a partner or customer revoked permission to access and back up Microsoft 365, the error message was unclear, simply stating “no backup.” The error message has been updated to clarify this type of backup status as “failed,” along with a new description of why it failed, and how to remedy the issue.

Security update
In line with industry best practices, N-able Backup will now automatically log out any user eight hours after login, regardless of activity, and two-factor authentication will be required to sign back in.

A happy new year and all the best to our Backup partners for 2022! Stay tuned for more to come in the new year.

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