N-able Backup Release 21.11

We are happy to announce the availability of N-ableTM Backup Release 21.11, bringing continued performance improvement to Microsoft 365 backup, a new user role policy to enhance security, new OS support, and numerous UI enhancements for improved ease of use.

Microsoft 365
Backup speed for large Microsoft 365 Exchange domains has been improved by up to 15%. We have also made UI improvements to several Microsoft 365 wizards for more user-friendly layout and intuitive workflows.

Change to Security Officer Setting
The Security Officer user designation is now available to those with Administrator, Manager, and Operator roles, in addition to Superuser. Previously, in order for a user to be a Security Officer, they also had to be a Superuser. The new setting supports secure separation of duties best practices, and more granular access control. More information about these roles is available here.

New OS Support
In addition to the previously announced support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2019, N-able Backup also fully supports MacOS Monterey. Please note that Monterey support was released as an update in the 21.10 MacOS Backup agent.

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