N-able Backup Release 21.6

We’re pleased to announce that N-able™ Backup Release 21.6 is now available, bringing extended data retention to Microsoft 365™ OneDrive® and SharePoint®, further improvements to the restore speed of OneDrive and Exchange™, and advance notice of coming operational email address changes.

Microsoft 365: Longer retention, improved performance
In response to customer requests, we’ve extended the automatic retention period for backed up Microsoft 365 data. With this release, backups for Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint are all retained for seven years, helping our partners and their customers meet data retention regulatory requirements.

In addition, we have further optimized the product to improve Exchange and OneDrive restore-performance by up to four times. This improvement builds on earlier enhancements to SharePoint restore-performance, designed to help MSPs provide even better customer service.

Coming soon: New operational email addresses
With the rebranding from SolarWinds MSP to N-able, we are changing our email domain, and this impacts operational emails generated by N-able Backup. Please adjust your policies and rules to accept emails from backup@n-able.com beginning July 1.

This email address is used for new user creation and in-product email notifications, so it is important that you receive these operational emails without incident. The email address backup@solarwinds.com will no longer be used.

Reminder: Autotask integration end of life
As previously announced, as of June 1, 2021, we no longer support the integration between N-able Backup and Autotask PSA, and the integration functionality will no longer work. If you have been using this integration and need assistance with appropriate adjustments, please contact Customer Care.

Backup Manager Vulnerability Update
As part of our standard product and security testing procedures, we identified a potential security weakness on June 7, 2021 that we immediately addressed through an auto-updated code drop on June 11, 2021 via the version of the Backup Manager.

If you have not auto-updated yet, we highly recommend that you update to this version with a hot-fix. Please contact Support (https://success.n-able.com/) if you have any questions or need assistance.

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