Announcing the availability of SolarWinds® Backup version 18.12

We are pleased to announce the availability of SolarWinds Backup version 18.12. This release includes several customer-requested enhancements, including support for new operating systems and applications.

New support additions/updates include:

  • Added support for OneDrive files On-Demand to align with Microsoft changes
  • Added improved support for Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.0)
    • OS X Mojave security restrictions now require applications to be added to “full disk access” in System Preferences. We’ve added a dialog to alert you, and a button that will open the System Preferences screen to the correct dialog, so you can add the Backup Manager and continue to perform successful backups.

1812 release notes Backup

  • Added support for NTFS transactions to Backup Accelerator


  • Improved German translation
  • Improved internal info page account details
  • Improved standardization of time formats
  • Updated binary signing certificates

Additional improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where backups scheduled after a missed backup due to an interrupted session were not performed
  • Fixed an issue with VMware CBT when using the VMware Storage API
  • Fixed an issue with slow Network Share scanning
  • Fixed an issue where Backup Accelerator was rescanning after an antivirus scan was performed on some systems
  • Fixed an issue where the Backup Service couldn’t initialize when cabinet files were not synced from LocalSpeedVault to the cloud
  • Fixed an issue where the response of the Client Tool was invalid when an improper security key was entered
  • Fixed an issue where some sessions were listed as local, when in fact they were fully synchronized to the cloud
  • Fixed an issue with high network traffic in cases where LocalSpeedVault write validation passed but cabinets were unable to be written
  • Fixed an issue with the Recovery Console improperly writing partition table to local disk
  • Fixed an issue where an extra backup job was performed unexpectedly

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