ServiceDesk v2.4 is live… new Invoice Export features, Customer Permissions, and Customer Opportunities tracking

We’re excited to announce the release of MAX ServiceDesk v2.4, which went live today (3rd September). This release includes a range of enhanced features, including new Invoicing Export capabilities, Customer Permissions, and Customer Opportunities tracking.

Invoice Exports
In the new feature set for Invoice Exports, MSPs can easily export time and cost entries for customers to a branded PDF or CSV invoice template. Additional capabilities include:

  • Rounding time costs on export to the nearest 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes
  • Automatic invoice numbering (for identifying and viewing past exports only)
  • Header and Footer support for PDF exports, allowing you to import your own branding
  • New Invoices tab within the Customers section, to easily access invoices exported for a specific account

Note: Invoice tracking and billing should still be managed in a third-party accounting package for managing taxes, payment status etc.


Customer Permissions
Customer Permissions allows MSPs that have agents supporting specific customers, or an agent on-site with a customer, to limit the access to those customers using the latest enhancements to the new Roles and Permissions launched in ServiceDesk v2.3. This is in addition to the functional permissions already available for limiting access to certain functionality.

If you have agents that work on specific customers, or have an agent on-site with a customer, you can now setup agents specifically for managing that data.

Customer Permission restrictions are applied to Tickets, Assets, Customers, and Knowledge Base sections of ServiceDesk.

Customer Opportunities
Customer Opportunities enables MSPs to easily setup and track leads and opportunities against prospective and existing customers. You can assign those opportunities to sales agents and view the status of opportunities using the new Won, Lost, and Open states from the opportunities dashboard. This can all be done from within the existing Customer section. Features include:

  • Ability to create an opportunity against a specific customer and sales agent, track the status of that opportunity as Won, Lost, Open and access everything from an easy-to-use dashboard view with filtering across opportunity status
  • When creating an opportunity, ServiceDesk can automatically create a prospect customer if they do not exist within ServiceDesk
  • New Opportunities tab within the Customers section to easily track and view opportunities against a specific customer


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