MAX Backup 15.0.1 Scheduled for Auto Update / MAX Backup 15.5 Available for download

Greetings, I am pleased to inform you of the latest updates and enhancements to the MAX Backup platform.

Release Timing

There are the releases in progress:

First, we have posted a MAX Backup 15.5 release candidate (RC) of the Backup Manager and various tools to our download site overnight on May 14th /15th.

Secondly, we will be posting a 15.5 release candidate (RC) of the Cloud Management Console to the download site the week of May 18th.

Thirdly, we will post the latest maintenance release of MAX Backup 15.0.1 so that it will be generally available (GA) through our Auto Update service in the evening hours of May 19th.

Correction, the posting of 15.0.1 to our Auto Update service was deferred to May 21.


Below is a summary of the enhancements and improvements introduced in the 15.0.1 GA and 15.5 RC releases.  

Summary for MAX Backup 15.0.1 (GA) Auto Update Release.

Backup Manager

  •  Addressed an incompatibility issue with the Virtual Drive add-on and MAX Antivirus
  • Addresses an issue where the Backup Manager had high CPU utilization during background synchronization
  • Addressed an issue where restore of archived session failed with Technical Error #504 or #501
  • Improved scanning performance in cases with large file hierarchy with similar names
  • Addressed MS SQL restore issue when running Backup Accelerator

 Summary for MAX Backup 15.5 (RC) Posted Release.


  • A general revision was made to our release number schema to more closely align to actual release year and month. i.e 15.5 = May of 2015.
  • General API improvements and additions

Backup Manager \ Recovery Console

  • Added support for Continuous Restore of protected VMware virtual machines
  • Added support for FAT32 formatted partitions when using the Standby Image feature.
  • Added conversion of GPT partitions to MBR prior to performing VDR to Microsoft Azure
  • Addressed an issue with VDR to Azure where some Backup Manager controls were disabled
  • Improved error messages in cases where partners were experiencing long wait times while the Backup Manager was initializing
  • Added support to define maximum log file sizes
  • Added option to automatically allow overwrite of booted VMs being recovered in continuous restore mode
  • Added support to configure DNS during Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Added support for inplace restore of VMware VMs with “assigned” network adapters
  • Added support to install Backup Manager on Windows Sever 2012 R2 Core edition and Hyper-V Server 2012 R2.
  • Improved usability for MySQL data selection
  • Added user confirmation dialogs to prevent reconfigure LocalSpeedVault while the cloud is not synchronized.

Cloud Management Console

  • We now support single click launching of a remote Backup Manager when only a single installation exists
  • We now offers a graphically display to differentiate the type of remote connection (Backup & Restore or Restore only)
  • We now display device session flags to determine job status (Archived, Cleaned, Locally Synced)

Updating to the latest versions

Backup Manager

You may the latest Backup Manager and associated tools from the download section of our website.  The latest Backup Manager release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly following the initial release.  To ensure your Windows and Mac OS clients are always updated with the latest Backup Manager client version please ensure that you have specified ‘Always latest version’ for the ‘Max version:’ setting in the ‘Partner information view’ section of the Cloud Management Console.  You can consult the support knowledge base for more details on how to set the client Max Version.

Cloud Management Console

You may download the latest Cloud Management Console from the download section of our website.  The latest CMC release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly following the initial release.  Once available you will be notified upon launching the CMC and presented with the option to update.

Other Tools

You may download the latest version of the BMR Tool, Recovery Console, Virtual Drive, etc. from the download section of our website. These components are not updated via Auto Update.

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