MAX RM v5.55 is live… find out more

Below is a list of the features included in this release, available to you to tomorrow. To get more details on what this means to you, then click here.

Summary for Service Release

  • Service Release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
  • Dashboard v5.55
  • Agent v9.8.5 RC, Agent v9.8.1 stays GA

Dashboard v5.55

  • FEATURE: Introduction of Maintenance Mode, the first installment of Maintenance Windows, to temporarily suppress failed checks, alerts, outages, PSA tickets for one or more devices
  • UPDATE: A new Alert Settings dialog offering more granular alert routing at global, client and site level
  • UPDATE: Set Alert Routing at individual device level via the Edit Device dialog
  • UPDATE: Set Alert Routing at individual check level for Servers
  • UPDATE: Windows Firewall script check renamed “Firewall status” and now reports on any firewall product reporting in Windows Security Center
  • UPDATE: The “Firewall status” script check now monitors whether a firewall is enabled
  • UPDATE: The “Antivirus status” script check now monitors whether the AV product is enabled

KNOWN ISSUE: The new tickboxes on the Firewall status and Antivirus status script checks are not adjusting the settings of the check. We are working on a fix.

Agent v9.8.5 RC

  • BUGFIX: Fix an issue with “Upgrade from Asset Tracking” so that custom templates are pushed correctly
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