MAX ServiceDesk 2.0 – localized phone numbers, voicemail to tickets, field staff management and much more

We understand all too well how important it is for MSPs to have a great service desk offering, so on the 29th January, 2015 we will be unveiling a major new release of MAX ServiceDesk.

ServiceDesk 2.0 will see the integration of four powerful new functions: ServiceDesk Voice; Field Site Visits; Task management; and PSA import.

Of course we know the power of these functions, but what do they really mean for you?

Let’s have a look at each of these features in depth…

ServiceDesk Voice


This is a brand new feature for MAX ServiceDesk that means that within just a few clicks you can setup a dedicated phone number for your company linked to your ServiceDesk installation. Doing this will provide you with 24/7 routing to your ServiceDesk and give you the benefits of voice to ticket integration as well as SMS capabilities and more!

The key features for ServiceDesk Voice include:

  • The ability to select a local phone number.
  • Support for a custom greeting, either with an audio file upload or your preferred text to speech greeting.
  • The ability to raise a new ticket directly from a voice call, and automatically returning the ticket reference to the customer instantly on the phone.
  • The Voice Tickets function embeds the audio clip directly into the ticket, so your staff agents have all the call details easily to hand.
  • The ability for customers to check the status of an existing ticket over the phone by entering the ticket ID.
  • Provides optional extension routing and setup, as well as allowing your customers to route calls directly to you and your staff’s phone number.
  • Enables SMS capabilities in ServiceDesk when Voice is activated.
  • There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time.

*If you want to take advantage of ServiceDesk Voice you must have an active (paid) installation of ServiceDesk 2.0, unfortunately it is not available during the free trial.

Field Site Visits


If you’re struggling to co-ordinate your field staff, this will really help you get to grips with managing their time effectively. You can now create site visit tickets with the location information, date and duration. This information can also by fed into a calendar see that you can get a clear overview of staff site visits, scheduling and availability at any given time.


The key features for Field Sites Visits include:

  • You can create site visits in ServiceDesk against a customer.
  • You have the ability to assign particular site visits to a staff agent based on their location.
  • The calendar views and display of upcoming site visits in ServiceDesk allow an instance snap shot of activities.
  • You get a location view of site visits within a Ticket.
  • You can associate a Task Workflow Template to a site visit (for example, an office move).

Tasks and Task Workflow Templates


The addition of Task Templates in ServiceDesk 2.0 allows you to create any number of workflow templates for repeatable activities, it also supports new task creation within a ticket allowing easy management of scheduled tasks and templates. On top of this, it allows you to create a site visit for a defined project or activity.

The key features for Tasks and Task Workflow Templates include:

  • Creating multiple task workflow templates.
  • Providing task template for repeatable activities.
  • Easily associate fixed costs for the repeatable activities.
  • Easily manage and track the progress of tasks within a ticket.

PSA Import (RC) Feature from AutoTask

Finally, we also added a feature that allows new ServiceDesk users to import

tickets, responses, ticket queues, and more directly into ServiceDesk from AutoTask.

If you want to find out more, contact your ServiceDesk rep or visit


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