GFI MAX RemoteManagement – WebProtection and Two Factor Authentication

Hi Everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce that we have a major feature release going out overnight, so that it will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Wednesday 4th June. With the update to Dashboard v5.43 and Agent v9.6.0 (RC), we’ll be introducing two brand new features:

• Web Protection: Enables MSPs to protect customers from malicious websites and apply internet access policies in the workplace. Click here to view the Quick Start Guide or see our short introduction video

• Two Factor Authentication: An optional second layer of security requiring a six digit passcode when logging into the Dashboard to help protect the system from unauthorised access. Click here to view the Quick Start Guide.

Web Protection is being released as Release Candidate and will be free of charge during the month of June. Assuming a successful RC phase, we will be making Web Protection available for auto-update from the Dashboard at the start of July at which point it becomes a chargeable feature.

Two Factor Authentication is being made available entirely free of charge. It is an optional feature that helps protect the Dashboard from unauthorised access by requesting users to enter a 6-digit passcode generated on their smart phones, in addition to their regular password when logging into the system. It can help MSPs meet compliance standards in certain regulated industries, such as HIPAA in the United States, while offering the assurance of greater login protection for the Dashboard.

We very much hope you will find these new additions to be a great enhancement to the service, and we encourage to share your comments and feedback on the LinkedIn site and on our forum. Full release notes are below.

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team.

Summary for Feature Release, Tuesday 3 June 2014:

• Feature Release introducing Web Protection and Two Factor Authentication
• Dashboard v5.43, Agent v9.6.0 (RC)

Dashboard v5.43

• FEATURE: Introducing new feature Web Protection (requires Agent v9.6.0 RC or above)
• FEATURE: Introducing new feature Two Factor Authentication
• UPDATE: Enforce HTTPS for standard (non-custom) Dashboard URLs
• UPDATE: Updated the login process to use a web form instead of a browser-generated dialog
• BUGFIX: Ensure email and SMS field in list_checks API call give correct value
• BUGFIX: Correct a display issue in the Critical Events check dialog
• BUGFIX: Ensure that the User Audit and Device Inventory Report give the correct device installation date
• BUGFIX: Ensure script check parameters display as editable after being deployed via an installation template
• BUGFIX: Enhancements to the Daily, Weekly, Critical Events Reports scheduler to ensure timely delivery
• BUGFIX: Ensure correct application of time-zone settings when scheduling the Weekly Report

Agent v9.6.0 (RC)

• FEATURE: Introducing the Web Protection agent
• BUGFIX: Ensure correct reading of large Windows Event log files to ensure associated checks access the required values

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