GFI MAX Remote Management – Dashboard v5.41.3 and Agent v9.4.0 RC

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.41.3 and Agent v9.4.0 (RC) are being released overnight, with Agent v9.3.1 turning GA, so that they will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Thursday 19th December.

This is a routine Service Release focused on minor updates and bug fixes. That being stated, the release does include two great feature enhancements:

  • View the “Hardware” and “Software” tabs from the Asset Tracking section directly from the Monitoring and Management area of the Dashboard, saving you the effort of jumping to the Asset Tracking area to view this information.
  • Show feature status columns for Managed Anti-Virus, System Tray Application and Remote Background Management in the main window, so it’s easy to see which workstations and servers have these features enabled.

Both enhancements were highlighted by customers on the IdeaFactory website, in particular the Asset Tracking request which is the third most popular idea on the list.

We are also updating Patch Management to no longer update TeamViewer software on devices that have the Take Control feature installed, thereby ensuring it is Take Control that determines which version of the TeamViewer software is used on a customer’s device. We plan to update Take Control to run the new TeamViewer v9 instance at the start of the New Year, to ensure compatibility between host and viewer software and to resolve an issue some customers are experiencing in connecting to devices via Take Control after initially installing the v9 update.

With Agent 9.3.1 going on GA, Managed Online Backup customers should be aware that backups of VMware will become chargeable from 1st of January and appear in invoices and usage reports on 31st of January. Those customers using the VMware plugin are strongly advised to update to Agent v9.3.1 as soon as possible to ensure the selection size of (and therefore charges associated with) the VMware plugin reflect the amount of virtual disk used and not the total size of the virtual disk (as it does in Agent v9.2).

Lastly, we’re pleased to say the response and take up so far of our new ServiceDesk offering, launched only last week, has been extremely positive, with over 5% of customers actively trialling the service already. Please check it out if you have not yet done so!

Full release notes for Dashboard v5.41.3 and Agent v9.4.0 (RC) are below.

Dashboard v5.41.3 

  • UPDATE: View Asset Tracking hardware and software tabs directly from the Monitoring and Management area of the Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Optional columns to show feature status for MAV, System Tray Application and Remote Background Management
  • UPDATE: Ignore TeamViewer updates in Patch Management for devices that have Take Control installed
  • UPDATE: Ensure links added via Configure External Links are validated as URLs
  • BUGFIX: Remove incorrect validation on the password field when using the remote wipe feature for mobile devices
  • BUGFIX: Validate the password field for new users to ensure it cannot be saved without value
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Windows Service names for deleted service checks appear in the Service list when adding a new Windows Service Check
  • BUGFIX: Resolve an intermittent bad parameter display issue for Windows Service Checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the green tick icon appears in the correct position when viewing the API page in the General Settings dialogue (IE browser only)
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the device counts when opening the Wallchart for the first time are correctly populated
  • BUGFIX: Correct a text alignment issue for a German translation text
  • BUGFIX: Correct a text alignment issue for a French translation text
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the French translation for “device holder” fits within the MDM dialogue
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Online Backup T&C’s correctly shown for new accounts in Australia and New Zealand
  • BUGFIX: Ensure users can click “OK” on the PSA Integration dialogue when in Asset Tracking
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that the Remote Service Control tab in Remote Background always selects the first service from the list when opened the first time
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Client Monthly Report shows the site uptime charts
  • BUGFIX: Ensure accounts with ServiceDesk integration can delete clients from the Dashboard

Agent v9.4.0 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Enhance “Integrate with Existing TeamViewer Installations” with TeamViewer v9 support
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the names of excluded Critical Events Checks are not truncated when viewed in the list
  • BUGFIX: Resolve an intermittent bad parameter display issue for Windows Service Checks
  • BUGFIX: Resolve issue with “Access_Violation” message appearing on some script checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure “Access_Violation” message does not cause the Agent service to stop
  • BUGFIX: Resolve problem preventing service starting after auto-update completes
  • BUGFIX: Add version number to asset tracking for servers pre 2008
  • BUGFIX: Resolve issue causing 24×7 checks to run every 15 minutes when monitoring set to 5 minutes causing spurious alerts
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