GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard v5.37.1 & v5.37.2

Hi everyone,

Dashboard v5.37.1 is about to be deployed to all territories. This is a small bug-fix release that mainly restores the persistent user session again. Dashboard v5.37 removed a regular fetch of data from the server which kept the session alive and updated the problem device counts on the Dashboard. With this removed, users would be logged out after a period of inactivity and would need to refresh their browser in order to restore their session. This has been the cause of the many reported incidences of ‘Error loading data’ messages.

There are a few other bug-fixes in progress that will be released either tomorrow or Wednesday 25th September.

Release notes as follows:

Dashboard v5.37.1

BUGFIX: Update problem device counts in background
BUGFIX: Prevent user’s session from expiring which causes ‘Error loading data’ messages
BUGFIX: Show selected device list filter after switching quickly between device tabs and refreshing the browser
BUGFIX: Ensure Business Tips link is available from the Help menu when expected

Dashboard v5.37.2 (TBC)

BUGFIX: Restore Back button in Asset Tracking Software List
BUGFIX: Correctly filter Software by selected Client/Site
BUGFIX: Ensure only overdue workstations are highlighted in the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure device counts in filters are correct at all times
BUGFIX: Ensure Edit Mobile Device dialog opens when extended characters are used in device data
BUGFIX: Ensure MDM Provisioning email is using the correct character encoding set
BUGFIX: Reduce width of Pay Invoice column in View Invoices dialog


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