– GFI’s new community driven site for sharing scripts

Hi Everyone,

I am delighted to announce the launch of, GFI’s new community driven site for sharing scripts.
Introduction is structured around problems and fixes (in a similar vein to so you can vote for the most common problems and best fixes

Have a problem to solve?
If you have a problem to solve, then search as you are unlikely to be the first person in the community to have come across this problem. Add your vote for the problem to be fixed.

The chances are that someone in the community has already written a fix for it. Search for scripts with the MAX tag which are designed to be run through GFI MAX RemoteManagement and if this solves your problem, vote for the fix to help the author of the fix earn awards and increase their reputation.

If you cannot find the problem, then post it on Your peers in the community can add their backing by voting and crowd source a solution for you.

Have a script to share?
If you think you can solve a problem or have a useful script that would benefit your peers in the community, then post it on Earn awards and increase your reputation. Just make sure you tag the fix with the MAX tag so your peers know it conforms to the GFI MAX RemoteManagement Script Writing Guidelines which are also available in the Online Help System.

Small print
Although we have provided the mechanism to run scripts on servers and workstations via GFI MAX RemoteManagement. GFI are not responsible for any scripts made or used in conjunction with this product. We are not liable for loss incurred from system, hardware or data loss. It is the community’s responsibility to verify the integrity, actions and impact of any scripts. (Sorry, the lawyers make me say that bit).

While the content is valid, the site itself is still in a Beta phase so please signup, participate and give us your feedback to help make it better.

And just in case anyone is wondering, the use of the site is completely free of charge.

Please see the FAQs for further information on how to get stared.

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team.

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