GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.29 and Agent v8.15.1 RC

Hi Everyone,

Dashboard v5.29 and Agent v8.15.1 will be made available on Release Candidate overnight tonight so that they are available in all territories by start of working day tomorrow, Wednesday 31st October.
These releases integrate with existing installations of TeamViewer (v7.0.15723 or later) to allow remote access sessions to be launched from the Dashboard. The integration is enabled from Settings Menu, General Settings. Once enabled (and assuming Agent v8.15.1 or later and TeamViewer v7.0.15723 or later is installed) no further action is required to launch a TeamViewer session from Dashboard. Full details are available in the Online Help System (in Dashboard, Help Menu, Contents). There is no charge for using this service but existing TeamViewer installations will of course be subject to TeamViewer’s usual license restrictions (where TeamViewer will cease functioning if sustained commercial use is suspected, and prompts to contact sales to purchase a license are ignored). This does not impact Take Control in any way and it is still possible to replace existing TeamViewer installations with Take Control from Dashboard should you wish to do so.
These releases also add support for monitoring Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.5 and contain a number of other defect fixes. Full release notes are as follows.
Agent v8.15.1 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Integrate with existing TeamViewer installations (requires TeamViewer version 7.0.15723) to allow remote access sessions to be launched from Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup updated to IASO Backup Technology 2012 (
  • BUGFIX: Do not select invalid System State data sources in Managed Online Backup
  • UPDATE: Add support for Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.5 and above in Backup Check
  • BUGFIX: Correctly distinguish between unique backup tasks in Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.0.17437 and above
  • BUGFIX: Only include activities from the previous 24 hours in Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.0.17437 and above
  • BUGFIX: Fix access violation when running Critical Events Check in “10 Most Recent” mode
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that Event Log Checks running as Daily Safety Checks, consider all events from the previous 24 hours
  • BUGFIX: Ensure condition “does not contain” works correctly in Event Log Check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure wildcards in event sources in Event Log Check are respected in all cases

Dashboard v5.29

  • FEATURE: Integrate with existing TeamViewer installations (requires TeamViewer version 7.0.15723 and Agent v8.15.1 RC) to allow remote access sessions to be launched from Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Do not show obfuscated passwords in Edit Users dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that Edit Users dialog opens correctly for new customers
  • BUGFIX: Obfuscate password provided when confirming deletion of Check note
  • BUGFIX: Do not save changes to Installion Templates when Cancel button is clicked
  • BUGFIX: Ensure failed reboot attempts are displayed as a red dot in the device list
  • BUGFIX: When moving a Device between Sites correctly show that the new site contains a Site Concentrator
  • BUGFIX: Use custom SOAP client by default for Connectwise API calls to ensure correct handling of CDN chunked responses
  • BUGFIX: Ensure sessions older than 28 days are removed from Managed Online Backup Selection Report if there are completed sessions within last 28 days
  • BUGFIX: Include sessions with zero bytes selected when determining billable selection size of Managed Online Backup data source
  • BUGFIX: Do not include Servers previously under Try Before You Buy scheme in Server counts
  • BUGFIX: Correctly display Workstation pricing information in Price Breakdown Report
  • BUGFIX: Display URL and expected text when viewing result of Web Site Check
  • BUGFIX: Remove duplicated text when viewing results of Windows Service Checks and Daemon Checks
  • BUGFIX: Provide tooltip when SQL Query Script Check command line is truncated in More Information dialog
  • BUGFIX: Improve validation feedback on General Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Correct French translation in Alert Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Correct Italian translation in Automated Tasks dialog
  • BUGFIX: Use correct translation of “hours” in German depending on context

We would welcome any and feedback welcome through your local support team (via Help Menu, Request Help in your Dashboard).
With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team.

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