Dashboard v5.27.1 and Agent v8.14.2 RC

Hi everyone,

Dashboard v5.27.1 and Agent v8.14.2 RC is currently in the process of being released to all territories and will be made available tomorrow, Thursday 27th September. Full release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.27.1

  • UPDATE: Display number of servers and workstations next to client name in invoices
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Managed Antivirus quarantine items from becoming stuck in Release Pending or Delete Pending state
  • BUGFIX: Populate previous months’ selection size if no new Managed Online Backup sessions occurred

Agent v8.14.2 Release Candidate

  • BUGFIX: Periodically synchronise Managed Antivirus quarantine to ensure items that have been removed from quarantine are no longer shown on the Dashboard
  • BUGFIX: Do not regard status ‘Not_Run_Yet’ as a failure in the Acronis Backup Check


GFI MAX RemoteManagement Team

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